10 Completely Free Activities to Do in Winnipeg During Winter Break!

20 Dec

If you’re looking for some fun activities to do with the family over the winter break, without breaking the bank – you’re in luck! Tons of great options in Winnipeg!

  • Head out tobogganing or skating – if you don’t have skates or a sled, you can borrow some or rent some. There are locations all over the city to do both for free!
  • Do a movie or video game day at home – you can rent these from the library for free, or nearly free depending on the ages. They have games for almost all systems, and it’s a fun (and free) way to try out new games! Perfect if it’s too cold out.
  • Check out an activity at the library – free classes for all kinds of stuff, from makers labs, book clubs, puzzle swaps and so much more. There’s things for all ages too.
  • Head to the Forks and check out the Arctic Glacier Winter Park – there’s special activities on Sundays, but lots to do every day for free.
  • Take a walk around the Exchange and pretend you’re in a Hallmark movie! Lots to see and do in the area, and if it’s mild out it makes for a fun walking spot.
  • Take a free tour of the Legislative Building – so much to see and lots of mystery there!
  • Build a fort or snow castle in your backyard! If you don’t have enough snow, make some ice blocks. Super fun, and can be as big or as small as you want – depending on the ages. Can even build forts out of pallets to cover in snow after too.
  • Use up any gift cards or discount tickets you have – check and see how many points you have for movies and outings too!
  • Hold a board game night, cards or puzzle night and invite friends or family – can be a lot of fun! Ask people to bring games and snacks – can work for any age ranges too.
  • Check out your local community centres to see if they’re putting on any free events during the holidays.

What are your favourite activities during Winter Break?

Bonus Outing – head out to check out the Holiday Lights!

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