Avon giveaway

15 Nov

  Avon has a huge selection of makeup and beauty products – but they also have some great gift ideas too!

Our local rep Shawna is hosting this giveaway – enter to win a $20 Avon gift certificate!

To enter, check out her site and comment with what you would want to buy!

Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Nov. 16th at 9am. Good Luck!

54 Replies to “Avon giveaway

  1. Skin So Soft Signature Silk Perfecting Oil. I remember using what I thought was Skin So Soft that had these moisture/oil beads in it. Whatever that was I loved it.

  2. I like the nail lacquers and the christmas decor items. An Avon memory: *as a little girl my mom used to buy me a kids item * I remember the red apple with the little worm peeking out – it was a pin and you opened it up and it had a perfume in the back – ditto for a “cookie” that opened to 2 flavours of lip product I used to love getting those 🙂

  3. I like the Anew, the moisture therapy, the Skin So Soft, the makeup….. I think I might stock up on the lip balm and bath oil…

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