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21 Aug

Has anyone bought anything off the tv? Years ago I bought a magic bullet – we loved it! It worked great for a while and then the motor burned out, and it wasn’t something we replaced. My daughter loves all the commercials on tv, she thinks the eggies ones sounds great. Someone sent me a review of it yesterday and boy did it sound complicated to use, and messy. I actually really hate peeling eggs, but all the washing that went along with the eggies product sounds worse to me.

It seems like the trend now is to advertise more and more stuff for kids, only available on tv…pillow pets were like that (now they are everywhere, including staples), all kinds of craft sets too – something like Fab Effex or something like that is the one I see a lot of now. I find it a bit scary that they don’t give you the price on the commercial – and all these shipping,handling, processing fees etc. could get out of hand.

Some of those products now you at Dollarama too, Shamwow, the one to keep nails and tools on your arm (a magnet cuff), that nut chopper…it always makes me laugh when we see them there.

So, yes or no to buying off the tv? And what kind of stuff have you guys seen at Dollarama?

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  1. We bought Fab Effex at Toys R Us. She is getting it for her birthday. My saughter also wanted a Happy Napper. But I could not find one anywhere.

    • Let me know how the Fab effex is – it did look fun on the commercial! 🙂 That was the other one I couldn’t remember, Happy Napper – heard about that one for a long time!

  2. 1. THere is a store in Polo Park that sells supposedly what you see on TV. Some of the products are not quite, but similar. I’ve even asked the personnel there and they advise that sometimes that are similar but not the exact same product, not knock offs but not exactly as the actual product advertised on TV.

    2. As for advertising to kids, I’ve seen the same trend, ie adults buy a vehicle based on what a child’s opinion is, or just the other day on the news, I’ve seen how the fahsion magazines are catering to very little kids (3 years wearing sleazy clothes with high heels, showed the other day with a tiny little child doing a pole dance). Even the news commentators are saying there is something very wrong with this trend.

    3. As far as Fab effex, I can’t help you there as I don’t even know what that is. Perhaps some things are good, but companies have exhausted all us adult people so they’re going in for the little kids nowadays. That’s been a long time that cigarette and liquor companies have had kids/young teens in their sites for their products. Now it’s going into other products that they’re using the kids as their destination.

    But who pays for the kids decisions ???? We as adults and parents do.

    • That’s true about the cars – there’s a lot of ads for minivans especially where it’s all kids. The stuff with kids clothes gives me the creeps, like the push up stuff for small kids, high heels – or that little girl who was on the cover of Vogue or Cosmo or something, dressed like a 30 year old. It’s definetly not a good trend. Let kids be kids, leave the decisions up to the parents! 🙂

  3. we got the majic bullet and love it – i have bought stuff off the shopping chanel too – i really try to stay away – I can get addicted and then i’m not saving i’m spending.

  4. I’ve never bought anything actually off tv, but have bought some of the products that you see on there. The Showcase store are REALLY cool!! Polo Park has one and so does St Vital Centre, it’s right by London Drugs.

    I too have the Magic Bullet and LOVE it!!! We got ours befoe our son was born and he’s 4 now. I’m going to need to get a new blade, just the one with the taller blades, the bottom is in rough shape from being used so much.

    I was in the Bargain Shop here in Portage yesterday and they have ALL their “As Seen On Tv” stuff for 50% off. I got 2 of those Easy File things. I just about bought the Wonder Files in Walmart last week (about $15 each) but was happy I didn’t because I got them for $4.98 each at the Bargain Shop.

    The one thing I am wondering about thou is that No No hair removal system thing. Anyone tried it? It’s like $200 or something crazy like that, but if it does work half as well as it’s suppose to it could be worth it.

  5. Thanks for the review on Fab Effex. It is going back to the store. I will have to find something else. Thank goodness she did a Birthday Box at Scholar’s Choice. I will pull something from there for sure.

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