Another Amazing Nestea Deal!

11 Jul

As you know Nestea has had a deal for a while where there are buy one get one free for the movies printed on special cases. But, in the last few weeks a new promo has popped up on new cases – a coupon for a free case of Nestea!! The 12 packs are around 4-5$ – and the coupon has no max amount and doesn’t expire until Dec. 31st! Buy a case and the next time you’re at the store you can pick up another free case and so on and so on! Once this promo is gone from stores you can still get a bogof for the movies since the coupon is for 2 sizes too. A great way to get some free summer drinks – and I really hope no one goes and cleans out every store! Make sure to leave some for everyone else! 🙂

3 Replies to “Another Amazing Nestea Deal!

  1. I found these specially marked packs at Superstore today and there seemed to be quite a few.
    I am planning on stocking up for the fall, at least. Thanks for the heads up on this great deal!

  2. It wasn’t on sale, but I sort of factored in the “2 for 1” price I’d get for buying it when I saw it there. they were $4.12 each, so not on sale, but they can keep on “giving” as long as the marked packages last! I was just at my little Safeway this morning where they have an amazing one day price on Chicken ($3.99 per pound for fresh chicken breast, limit 2 pkg per person) and in my store they did not have the Nestea Specially Marked Packs.

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