Amazing air miles deals this week!!

27 Feb

If you’re an airmiles collector this is a great week to earn a lot of them quickly! Perfect if you’re planning a trip soon and need to reach a certain level, or if you’re just saving them up for a future holiday or even cash redemptions at the store.

Rexall has a neat deal this weekend only – spend $50 and earn 110 airmiles on almost everything in the store – the stuff excluded is the usual, bus tickets, tobacco etc. and they’re listed on the back of the flyer. It’s a good time to pop in and pick up some necessities. There’s quite a bit of stuff on sale in the flyer too, so it’s an easy earn for airmiles. Bonus airmiles on a lot of products too!

Safeway is having a frozen food event all week – but Tuesday is 10% off so the perfect day to fill the freezer and get more savings. It’s buy 8 earn 100 airmiles – includes frozen veggies and mccain products 2 for $6, frozen fruit 2 for $10, and pizza pop and eggo’s are 4 for $10. So, for $20 you can earn 100 airmiles and if you wait for tuesday it’s only $18. So, if you were wanting to earn a trip and did this 20 times on tuesday for example you’d spend $360 and get 2000 airmiles which is a flight to a lot of places…. but this is also perfect time to really top off the account if you’re getting close to a trip. If you plan on really stocking up and want to share, call a local food bank and see if you can drop off a donation 🙂

Safeway can limit the deals though for airmiles, so if you’re planning on doing it more than 5 times in the same day make sure to check with them. Otherwise you can run the deal through 5 times a day every day this week 🙂

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