Amanda’s Show and Save Dates

1 Feb

Here’s a great guest post from Amanda from WhoWhatWhereWinnipeg:

I am always on the hunt for things to do in this great city, and being from Winnipeg originally I am always looking for a great deal as well. An idea that I came up with a while ago is a little something I like to call a “Show and Save Date”. Now, when I say date I don’t mean only with your spouse or significant other. Go on a date with your friends, parents, kids etc. The Show and Save Book has so many coupons with my favourite being the BOGO (buy one get one free). It is also a great source for finding new places to try!

 This past week I decided to treat my boyfriend Chris to one of my Show and Save Dates.

We started the night with dinner at Case Grande Pizzeria, an amazing Italian restaurant located at 984 Sargeant Ave. I have never been to Italy , but I imagine this is what a restaurant would look like there, and you may not even know it exists unless someone tells you about it. I had a BOGO dinner coupon and almost felt bad using it as the food was more then worth the price. We both had antipasto, pasta dishes, garlic bread and wine. So yummy!

Then it was off to the Golf Dome. I picked up Golf this summer and just starting getting the hang of it when bam; winter. Chris has been a Golf fanatic for a very long time, so this was perfect for a winter date! We started with a round of BOGO Mini Golf which is always a great time. After losing by an embarrassing amount of strokes, we hit the driving range for my final BOGO coupon of the night. The Golf Dome charges you by the half hour which is totally fine, because I am usually ready to be done after swinging for 30 minutes straight.

 The total cost for the night: $53 plus tip. Yep, all that for an amazing dinner with wine and a few hours of fun at the Golf Dome.

 There are so many more fun dates you can plan just by using the Show and Save Book, and who knows you may even find a new favourite place. I encourage you all to plan a Show and Save date for yourself!

 Happy Planning!


Back to me 🙂 If you’re ever interested in doing a guest post feel free to contact me! Amanda’s idea was such a good fit!


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  1. Please keep this feature going! Great idea… someone could show off the entertainment book deals as well. I know my neighbour mentioned a great coupon, they have a BOGO offer for the Holiday Inn South on Pembina which is known for great dining. It’s in the featured section at the front of the Entertainment book. I haven’t used mine yet, but it would be interesting to see how much it ends up costing… thanks for the reminder to get out there and enjoy the restaurants in these books (and other activities).

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