Almost time to reserve those campsites!

27 Mar

April 2nd at 730am you can start booking your campsites through Manitoba Parks. Lots of changes this year, including:

-fee changes…campsites going up a bit, and reservation fees will be 9$ to book and 3$ to change

-on May 1st you need a park pass again, an annual permit is 30$

-there will be some liquor free bays at grand beach and birds hill. Glad to hear it, that’s what had turned us off of camping – glad to hear it’s just in certain areas too. Makes it fair for everyone. I personally don’t want to hear people screaming at 2am and running by my tent – or as the last time we went, people who brought packs of dogs who barked all night! What are your camping pet peeves? Any good horror stories? One of our last camping trips involved packing the car at around 3am and driving home! This year we just booked a cabin! 🙂

Make sure to check out the manitoba camping site early so you’re prepared, it goes fast!

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