All of the new Costco Canada rules and changes – there’s a lot of them!

20 Mar






















Things are changing quickly at Costco, I have been keeping you guys updated as much as I can.

Figured it was a good time to put it all together, update a little bit more and add in some pictures also.

First thing is the new seniors hours, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Make sure to check your local store for their hours. It’s for over 60 only and physical disabilities, to give them some time to shop when it’s a lot quieter. The member has to be paying.

The pharmacy is now only in giving out one month of prescriptions. You can also get prescriptions delivered now too.

The stores are limiting the number of guests in at one time – most stores its 250 at one time. When 10 or 20 leave they let in another 10 or 20.

Only 2 people can go in on one membership now too. So plan accordingly before going to the store.

Front Line workers can get quick access to the store – make sure to read all of the requirements and rules etc.

Make sure you grab a cart from outside, and have your membership card ready to show. When you’re waiting in line, you’re kept six feet apart as you can see in the picture.

Only every second til is open to checkout and you are spaced out there too. You hold out your membership card to be scanned, and they just eye your receipt at the door.

The optical and hearing aid departments are closed.

The food court is to go only, no more tables. The menu is now only full pizzas, hot dogs and drinks.

Toilet paper has been a limit of one per membership for a while, don’t be surprised to see more limits too on other hot items.

They are not accepting returns on toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol wipes, Lysol, rice and water. You’ll see signs like above near those items.

I will keep updating as we go too.

There are probably more differences from province to province, let me know what you’re seeing.

And don’t forget to thank them for what they’re doing – they have been unbelievably organized, it’s pretty amazing!!!

A huge thank you from me to every single Costco employee, and to all of those delivering to the stores and getting everything organized. And to the producers of the food also.

Thank you for keeping us fed!

25 Replies to “All of the new Costco Canada rules and changes – there’s a lot of them!

  1. Went yesterday to pick up some needed items at the Kenaston location. I was really impressed with how streamlined and efficient the store was. The lines moved fairly quickly, and it was easy to keep social distance through the line and in store. Most items ( other than the core panic buy items) were in stock.
    I give a huge thank you to all Costco employees for keeping it running so smoothly!
    Thank you Nadine for all your work and keeping us all up to date!

  2. Kudos to Costco The staff are so organized in every way; I arrived at 9:30, waited in a fast moving line outside for approx. 5 minutes until I got into the store, got my groceries and out in less than 25 minutes. The staff will not permit you to stand around and chat to your friends etc and so happy about that. They are keeping everything moving so quickly. Thank you Costco Staff, you are the Best!

  3. One month supply of meds does not make sense for diabetics on insulin, who decides on how much insulin you might need in 30 days………..

    • They just want to make sure everyone gets the medication they need. Ie: if someone gets a three month supply of meds and the next person may not get any if the pharmacy runs out.. this way three people get one month. Sounds fare to me

      • Or you could have all the supply to yourself and hope to survive CORONA and be the only one healthy and alive when this is all over right???
        NEWSFLASH: It ain’t all about YOU.
        Get a life!!

  4. Not very happy with Costco right now, even though we have a special situation right now.
    We run a small convenience store out of town and they are restricting everybody for quantities, on their products (toilet paper for example). We buy their Kirkland product every week ($5000 weekly). We are distributing/promoting their product and I would think they should support us as they are one of our major suppliers. Wondering if we will continue to shop there!

  5. I was in the Regent store today and was very impressed with how organized it was. Goof job Costco staff.

    I called the Costco administration yesterday to ask if my Health Care Aide could go in the store on my behalf and confirmed that I could. I offered to provide her with a letter that gave her my authorization to use my membership card. They said that would be great

    I don’t think the other grocery stores are anywhere as clean and organized – not yet anyway.

  6. Amazing how Costco is doing to help it’s customer’s.kudos to their staff.cant believe how fast line other thing why toilet paper of all things.

  7. It seems the fewer customers that attend costco at any one time, the better. Why force those requiring prescriptions to attend every month to replenish…rather than get 3 months worth at a time?

  8. FUNNY! my daughter was in Costco on St. James Friday March 20 and saw a lady with 5 bags of toilet paper…. and that is all she had in her cart. not sure if she made it through check out…

    • I was at the Kenaston store yesterday during the senior shopping time. The line up to enter was very long twice the length of two sides of the store outside however they did an amazing job of keep it all organized and streamlined . It only took 30 minutes to get in.

      Everybody kept the proper distance.

      You cannot just pick up toilet paper yourself. A staff member must give it to you. This is done to keep people from hoarding! They will only give you 1 package of TP, and 1 of Kleenex!

      I think Costco is doing an excellent job. It was so orderly, respectful and thoughtful. They disinfect your buggy as soon as you get into the store. There are disinfecting wipes for your hands that you must use just before you enter the store.

      This was the best possible experience under the circumstances! Bravo for well done! And thank you to all the staff!

  9. I am very thankful to Costco for what they have done due to the cornea virus. The staff are doing a tremendous job. I think all stores that are open should follow.

    Thank you Costco Regent

  10. I haven’t been in a couple weeks, besides senior hours does anyone know if the general store hours have changed? It’s not mentioned on their website. Thanks

    • still the same. They do a soft open if they’re ready between 9-10am though – but they’ve always had early soft opens.

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