Costco not accepting certain returns and Senior shopping hours

19 Mar



















Costco stores in Winnipeg have announced that they will be opening the store from 8 to 9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays for seniors over 60 and those with disabilities. They’ve updated it now to Monday to Friday. Not sure how long this will be in place, but it’s a great idea.They also have put up signs in store that they are no longer accepting returns on toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol wipes, rice and water.Make sure to read up on all of the changes to how many people in the store at one time too. And changes to the food court and departments that are closed.

The pharmacy is also only allowing one months of prescriptions, according to government guidelines.

6 Replies to “Costco not accepting certain returns and Senior shopping hours

  1. For the new hours for seniors to shop from 8 to 9….. does this mean that the pharmacy will also be open from 8 – 9 for seniors??

  2. Should not accept ANY meat returns unless spoiled. Never because” I bought too much, event cancelled, my wife bought it too, I bought the wrong cut etc etc. This goes straight in the trash. Such a waste!
    During this crisis ZERO should be put back on shelves. Who knows where the product was or who touched it
    NO fridges, freezers bought during crisis once no longer required.

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