Costco new shopping limits!!!

17 Mar

As of March 18th, all Costco locations in Winnipeg and most likely Canada will be limited to either 250 or 500 Shoppers in the store at one time.

Make sure to plan accordingly if you’re going to go.

The food court is only selling full pizzas and hot dogs to go – there’s no more seating.

Optical and hearing aid sections are closed.

Most stores will only have every 2nd till open too to keep distance.

There will be a lot of changes in the next few days, I’ll make sure to keep updating.

In case you haven’t been there in a while, they have had limits of one package of toilet paper for a while now.

5 Replies to “Costco new shopping limits!!!

  1. this makes zero sense… more likely to pick up the virus in the waiting line which can be 100 deep than if they let people in… most stores any more are not packed and there is an even flow of in/out anyway. saw the lineup today and just left… no way I am going to wait in any line

  2. Went to the store on Regent today. Saw the long lineup to get in and almost went home. Noticed the line was moving at a slow walk pace, so decided to get in line. It was a wonderful experience. Very relaxed and did not take long at all. Same Costco problem as usual though, just can’t buy just what you came for without adding on. Every Company dealing with customers should have to pass a Costco seminar before they are allowed to operate.

  3. Unfortunately I always go by Costco
    …THE Lines are too long I wont be renewing till this is over If then 60$ to much to go 6 times a year

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