2 new chains going out and updates

22 Aug

New Steinbach one – here is the order: Tricia B, Jen p., Dayna, Cherise, Stephanie, Tess, Shannon, Crystal

Grant Park – Alana, J Mowat, Charlene, Rachel, Natalie, Rebecca, Irene, Heidi, Leah, Sandra, Shawna

St. Vital#2 – last update was that Lori dropped it off to Leslie July 20th…?

Outside wpg – carolyn mailed it to evelyn july 26th

out of province – tennille mailed it to carrie july 19th

Transcona – kelly mailed it to karine july 8th

Polo Park – tessa mailed it to wai-leng july 27th

garden city/west k – debby dropped it off to julia july 14th

outside wpg#2 – melanie mailed it to michelle july 14th

u of m – tracy dropped it off to jenna july 27th

I’m hoping a lot of these are still on the move – maybe you forgot to update, or i missed it when the site moved over? Please remember to keep updating where the chains are.

5 Replies to “2 new chains going out and updates

  1. Glad the Grant Park one made it around fast! Yay group!
    And thanks Nadine for getting another one out so quick!

  2. dropped off EK#1 to the last person who lived on fraser’s grove on approx. July 26-27. She was the last personon the list.

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