Mabel’s Labels Review and Giveaway

22 Aug

Tired of all of the school supplies you bought getting lost or stolen? Mabel’s Labels to the rescue! 🙂 We’ve been using their labels for years, shoes, jackets, water bottles etc. have all been labeled and we’ve never had a problem with them at the Y and camp. This year for kindergarten we have a lot more stuff to label – great thing they have an Ultimate back to school combo pack!

You get 50 tagmates, perfect for clothing – gym clothes, spare outfit left at school and so on. 40 skinny-minis for pencils, scissors, crayons etc.  16 shoe labels, these are great! They stick really well, good for 8 pairs so can do winter boots too. You also get 2 teeny tags – backpack, lunck kit, coat – this one you can move around with the seasons too.

You can get your kids name, the name of the school – whatever you choose up to 20 letters. I really like that you get to pick the print and colours you want, let the kids pick them out online. Still plenty of time to order them too, free shipping in Canada and it’s 2-9 business days.

And thanks to Mabel’s Labels one lucky person will be winning their own Ultimate Back to school Combo Pack!! To enter, check them out online  and comment with which type of label is your favourite! To earn a 2nd entry like them on facebook and comment here that you did so. Contest open to all Canadians and will end Thursday Aug. 25th at noon. Good Luck to everyone!

97 Replies to “Mabel’s Labels Review and Giveaway

  1. Shoe labels are so clever and our favorite.

    We already have them at home but would LOVE another set as they have different artwork than my last order – plus my darn kid is growing rapidly out of his clothes.

  2. I would love to try Mabels Lables. I think they look awesome. I will have to check out their website. I agree, it would be really nice not to have to write my kids names over and over! I like the colourful skinny-mini’s.

  3. I’ve purchased them in the past & love the minis – I put them on clothing, snack containers, water bottles, snack bags, hats, mitts, sunglasses – so we’ve never lost anything! 🙂

  4. Definitely the skinny-minis – I can’t imagine anything worse in all the back-to-school hoopla than labelling close to 100 pencils, pencil crayons, crayons, markers, glue sticks, etc. with my child’s name!
    I’m currently waiting for my fresh new batch of skinny-minis to ship to me!

  5. I love their Colourful Skinny-Mini Sticky Labels! I would use them to label all of my personal resources at work! I would also use them on anything and everything my son takes to day care!

  6. Love these labels and very happy with the quality! We have an assortment of sizes that we have used for clothes and items like sippy cups/water bottles and snack containers. Would be great to have another pack for back to school!

  7. My absolute fav are the clothing Classic tag mates – there are so much easier to use then finding the fabric pen before daycare in the morning! Our daycare partners with mabel’s labels for fundraising

  8. my favourite is the shoe lable (seeing as my son had his shoes stolen when we forgot to lable the 2nd pair after he outgrew the 1st labled pair-whoops!)

  9. I NEEEEEEEEEEED those shoe labels. Last year a pair of my son’s runners were stolen from school. We know who did it but we couldn’t prove it. It was the last day of school so the school couldn’t do anything either.

  10. My favourites are the owl, robot and shark. I just ordered all of these the owl for me, and the others for each of my boys.
    I really like the bag tag. I like how you can move it from thing to thing too.
    These labels don’t come off, these are great!!

  11. We love their tagmates for clothing. So useful for all those hats, scarves, mitts, sweaters. Especially when your kid’s classmates has many duplicates of the same clothing items!

  12. Love the whole back to school package. My first is starting nursery school and I never knew so much stuff had to be labeled!

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