Youth Digital Mod Design Course For #Minecraft – Review and Giveaway!

23 Oct

youth digital  If your kids are anything like mine, they are Minecraft enthusiasts!!

As a mom, it’s a little bit hard to understand the game or why it’s so amazing, but apparently it really, really is! My daughter loves to play, loves to talk about it, draw pictures from it, discuss it with her friends and plot her next moves. We’ve got minecraft posters, tshirts, toys and books and more. But, where do you go from there?

I was so excited when I found Youth Digital online! Like super, crazy, couldn’t wait to show the kiddo excited!! We watched videos of kids using the program and we were hooked! They offer online computer courses for kids! This is pretty much my dream for the kiddo, and her dream for her future plans and I’m just happy that this exists. With Youth Digital kids can take all kinds of classes – there’s app design, 3d video game design, 3d animation and much, much more including Mod Design.

And this isn’t just some fluff courses where kids play games – this is real learning, but made fun for the kids. They learn real programs like Java and it’s a full program. This is so well made I really can hardly believe it’s true! Once you’re set up, you watch helpful videos, take quizzes, do programming and move ahead. The course is split into a lot of different sections so you need to learn that part before you move ahead. Kids earn points which can be used for all kinds of extras, and badges for things done well. I’m not much of a computer person so I’m glad to have experts to teach the kiddo. Best part is if they get stuck or confused they can ask for help, watch more videos explaining it etc.  It’s a really complete program, and they’ve covered all the bases.

The class kiddo is doing is Mod Design 1 – it’s to learn to make a mod for Minecraft. It’s a one year course – and it includes everything you’ll need. The software, the help, interactive lessons, safe online place to learn and discuss it too. The courses are all geared to 8 and up and it’s a really great idea for birthday or xmas gifts. Once they get to that age most aren’t into toys too much – I love the idea of getting them to learn computer programs that will help them in life later, but set it a fun way to things they like. How amazing is it that kids can learn to make their own app or game? And for minecraft lovers like mine, to learn to make your own items from scratch? My daughter has just started the course and so far it’s going great. We had a bit of a time getting the software going (my computer issues) and they were really quick to help us resolve it. I love that if she gets stuck she can just ask for help – and not from me! I have no clue about any of this, so it’s neat to be able to just follow along and cheer, but not to be the problem solver for it.

computerComputers are everywhere now, and I think learning these skills will really help kids be comfortable in that field later. And it’s also great to just learn problem solving and to do something right. With computers doing something so-so or partway is not ok. You need to do it right, and keep at it until you figure it out. This is the perfect set up for that. As a parent it’s really great to see classes like this offered online. And as the parent of a girl, this company really wowed and amazed me. There’s nothing boy or girl about it – it’s just for kids as equals and for both sexes to learn and excel at computers!

As we keep going with the class I’ll be posting up videos on Youtube and of course her finished project! This is the perfect class for long Winnipeg winters for sure – kids can be entertained, but also learning skills that will really benefit them down the road. And I love the variety of classes they offer – my daughter is already thinking up app ideas for her next course – guess I know what we will be getting her for xmas!!

And I’m super excited to share that I have a Mod Design 1 course to give away to one lucky person!! This is the full one year course that includes everything I mentioned!!

Here are your ways to enter for this one:

1 – Check out the amazing courses on Youth Digital and comment with which one wows you the most as a parent and why

2 – Like Youth Digital on facebook and comment that you did so

3 – Follow Youth Digital on Twitter and comment that you did so

4 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so

5 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so – you can earn a daily entry for this one!!

Make sure to comment separately for each one. Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Monday November 3rd at noon – Good Luck everyone!!





83 Replies to “Youth Digital Mod Design Course For #Minecraft – Review and Giveaway!

  1. The course that wows me the most as a mom is, Mod Design 1. I just finished having a conversation with my son tonight about mods and minecraft and how he wants to know how to make things on the computer, it’s what he wants to do when he grows up.

  2. wow, this sounds awesome. My son would love this! Him and his buddies are crazy about minecraft.

    I would have to pick the mod design 1 to start with for him and he can go from there. He would blow all of his friends minds! What a great giveaway!

  3. Mod design 1 for her right now! But, if she liked it I would love for her to learn all of them! I had no idea this even existed!

  4. The course that would wow me the most would be the app design course. For my 8 year old son, I am sure he would would pick the mod design course. This would be awesome, I would probably sit there an learn with him.

  5. The course that “wow”‘s me the most has to be the Java Minecraft one. The best way to have kids do what they already love make it fun and totally educational! These are skills the kids will use and have through out their whole school lives. Also for some into their jobs too.

  6. The program that has the “wow” factor is the Mod design one. My son would love to learn from it, he’d be learning while having a ton of fun. It sounds awesome.

  7. I’m impressed that there are courses out there like this for children (of all ages). I think the Mod design 1 is great. Maybe through that I could understand my daughter’s fascination behind Minecraft!

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