Whyte Ridge Community Garage Sale!!

9 May

Whyte Ridge is having their big annual Mother’s Day Garage sale this Saturday May 10th!! Most sales start around 8-9am, and if you’ve never been this is the area to check out for sales!!

Be prepared if you’re going – it’s super busy and there are cars and walking traffic everywhere. Bring a driver along so you can just pop out and hit the sales – a lot of people even bring along a wagon and just park and walk the sales.

It’s a great area too for kids items, when my daughter was younger that was our go to place every year. You can basically do a whole year of garage sale-ing in one day! 🙂

If you’re new to garage sales, another tip is to bring a snack and some water (although there are sometimes food trucks) and make sure to bring a lot of change and small bills etc.  And if you’re a hardcore garage sale-r walkie talkies do come in handy!! 🙂

Who’s planning to check out this sale? Any tips for beginners?

4 Replies to “Whyte Ridge Community Garage Sale!!

  1. I’ll be on Vineland Crescent in Whyte Ridge. I’ll be selling fresh bread (baked today!) and the ooiest-gooiest cinnamon buns I’ve ever had, that will be fresh baked later today. My friend will be selling women’s shoes, purses, clothing, etc. She has large amounts of stuff to sell, so you won’t want to miss Vineland Crescent!

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