Who wants to win some Norwex products? #WinInWinnipeg

26 Nov

norwexJust in time for all that cleaning for the holidays!! Also a lot of great green gift ideas!

One person will win $75 worth of Norwex products of your choice from the new fall catalogue.  Some of the new products include our wool Fluff and Tumble dryer balls, a rescue gel for help with headaches, migraines and other aches and pains and beautiful new colours of kitchen cloths and tea towels.

Here are your ways to enter for this one:

1 – Check out the new products and comment with what you’d want to win

2 – Like Melanie’s Norwex page on facebook and comment that you did so

3 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and use hashtag #WinInWinnipeg, comment that you did so

4 – Post link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so.

Giveaway open til 9pm tonight! Good Luck!

212 Replies to “Who wants to win some Norwex products? #WinInWinnipeg

    • Gladys the new toilet brush and blue diamond bathroom cleaner are on sale this month regular $50 on for $43. What I like about the Blue Diamond cleaner is that you can use it full strength to clean your toilet bowl or you can dilute it in a spray bottle (1 part BD to 7 parts water) and clean your tub and shower. The soap scum just melts off without scrubbing and the best part is that it’s a salt and citric acid based cleaner. No harsh chemicals at all!

    • I always joke that the kitchen towels and cloths are husband proof. So when they use them to wipe something up on the floor then hang them back up at least the Norwex microfiber traps the yuckies inside so you’re not spreading them to your clean dishes!

    • Did you know that even though it is not labelled as a hand sanitizer that many of it’s natural ingredients have anti-microbial properties? Plus no more dry hands since there is no alcohol in it!

    • The rescue gel has been my best seller in the new catalogue. So many have tried it with migraines, head aches and just sore muscles and are blown away with the results. Plus the roll on makes it so easy to apply anywhere. Lots of my clients are also raving about the nice smell to it.

    • Did you know that both our toilet brushes are made to not hold water or grow bacteria? My sanira brush is 5 years old and is still pretty and white. No more buying new brushes every few months.

    • These brushes are fantastic! So happy to have some for little mouths now. The silver is naturally antibacterial so no more sharing germs with siblings, replacing brushes every time you are sick and less cavities and sores in your mouth. Which means less time at the dentist for many.

    • So many clients have told me how much this product has helped them so far. The nice thing is that Norwex products all come with a 60 day money back guarantee and the Rescue gel is only $15.99. It’s definitely a nice way to try a product.

  1. I would love to win the Ergonomic Toilet Brush & Holder. We just moved into a new houseand are starting to build our Norwex supply to cutout cleaners, etc.

    • I would love to help you stock up on your Norwex goodies and show off your new house at the same time. Have you considered hosting a Norwex show? My last 10 hostesses have earned over $380 in Free product without spending a penny. The mop is the hostess gift in January but December is a fun time to host to help your friends and family do some easy holiday shopping.

  2. I would love to win the Ergonomic Toilet Brush & Holder. We just moved into a new house and are starting to build our Norwex supply to cutout cleaners, etc.

    • The kids towels are amazing because they just wick the water off their skin and dry them so quickly. The hooded towel is also large enough to last them into toddler hood and come with a cloth. I use just the cloth and water to wash my little ones.

    • The new brush with the blue diamond is on sale this month regular $50 for $43 and the Blue diamond works diluted to clean your tub and shower. Ask Nadine how much she loves that cleaner!

    • Did you know that the kitchen cloths are for wiping counters, sinks and stoves and our netted dish cloth is for washing dishes? That keeps your microfiber from getting stinky. The netted dish cloth scrubs really well, rinses nice and doesn’t tend to get smelly because it dries very quickly. It’s great for bakers too because you can clean a floury counter top without it turning into glue.

  3. The kids’ silver care toothbrushes! After dealing with my son’s first cavity and the horrific experience at the dentist getting it filled, we need all the help we can get to prevent another cavity!

    • I use the old ones for mucky jobs like cleaning ovens then when I don’t need them anymore I donate them to the humane society to use as bedding or to clean up. They definitely get a good use before they get tossed. I have a few from 9 years ago!

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