Who wants to win a Norwex prize pack!

6 Sep

Would you like to win a NEW Norwex hand towel and a package of make-up removal cloths?  The Norwex antibac hand towel removes bacteria etc. from your hands when you dry them.  (Great for the times when your kids don’t wash properly!) Bacteria stays trapped in the towel so that it won’t spread from one person to the other.  It’s also super light weight and super absorbent.  A great addition to any home.  The make-up removal package is a great way to cleanse skin gently just using water!  Great not only for those who wear make-up, and want to easily remove it with water, but also great for people with dry or sensitive skin.
Comment below to enter to win! Check our Melanie’s site  to find out all the great stuff they’re offering in September!

You have one hour – ends at 8:10pm.

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