What is going on this weekend?

4 Sep

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Anything special going on this weekend?

There is that garage sale in Provencher Park tomorrow from 11am-5pm.

We checked out A Maze in Corn last weekend and it was so much fun. The maze this year was pretty hard to figure out – we were in there about 40 minutes and only found half the clues!! Pony rides, hay rides, petting zoo – they had the cutest little bunnies, we spent a long time with those. We did a whole Winnipeg type weekend, we had bdi ice cream, burgers and fries at vj’s!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Post up your favourites! And don’t forget to check your entertainment and show and save books before heading out! 🙂

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  1. We went mini golfing at Harbour View – that was ok, but the new kids play structure was amazing. The kids all had fun, there’s recycled rubber on the ground instead of rocks or sand and all the actual structures were pretty safe. There’s a neat rocking boat too.

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