What Costco looks like now in Manitoba

22 Nov

Yesterday I read online that Costco was actually shipping out seasonal items to other stores and other provinces….Not sure if that is true or not, but it looks like things have really changed in store.

This morning I received these pictures from a shopper who headed to their local Costco store early Sunday morning for their groceries. Looks pretty different now.

And you might be wondering why I included a picture of the chip aisle – that is where the toy section used to be…..more snacks now I guess?

Remember to bring your patience when you’re heading out shopping, there might be more lines and people are getting frustrated by the lack of items. The employees are not the ones making these decisions, and have all been working so hard at all stores across the province to follow the new guidelines.

You can shop Costco on instacart if you don’t want to head in store, and you can also order a lot of non-essentials from them online for free delivery.

14 Replies to “What Costco looks like now in Manitoba

  1. Instacart only works if you live in Winnipeg. I wish they’d have a “Click and Pick” system. That would work so much better for rural customers.

  2. Instacart doesn’t even deliver to the entire city of Winnipeg. I live in St. Norbert, which is in city limits and a 12 minute drive from Costco, but they won’t deliver to us. We’ve now doing all of our groceries from Walmart instead where we can at least do curbside pickup.

  3. I agree with Jennifer I live in St. Norbert as well, I cannot get any delivery from most stores because we live just outside of the perimeter. It stinks.

  4. I am in the same boat …live 7 miles past perimeter and no deliveries. Will start ordering from Walmart. I have heard from friends that their curbside pickup is awesome. Guess I will start shopping there.

  5. Instacart great for the city folks. Instacart does not “support” rural towns. And honestly to cover all that in plastic? It’s so far past the Twilight Zone. Who is the pencil pusher (I know it’s not Costco), that decides you cannot purchase printer ink, clothing, reading material and an single thing that may bring joy into a persons life? Christmas decor? Toys for children? Clothing? It’s stupid and person/people making those particular decisions should be fired!

    • Non essential foods… all the junk, its all available..pop, chips, chocolate, but I can not go into a clothing store to replace my kids pants that have holes in the knees. But liquor and cannabis are there in case that’s where I turn to medicate my emotions.. so much that feels unjust these days.

  6. Food is food. If they start deciding to tell people what food or drinks they can and cant buy, if it’s deemed junk food, everyone will be complaining about that. Who decides what food is allowed, when people have allergies, gluten, dairy intolerances, etc. It’s no ones business what people’s diets are, food is survival. You can still do curbside or in store pick up at most places for those socks, jeans or a coloring book, it’s not survival, you can wait 24-48 hours for those non-essential items. You can still buy it, no one stopping you. Stop complaining. Then with the plastic, omg just trying to keep people safe. Exhausting.

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