What can you get for $35.55 at Shoppers Drugmart in Sage Creek?

18 Mar


The Shoppers Drugmart in Sage Creek is having some amazing clearance sales right now!

I got everything in the picture for only $35! No coupons and didn’t use any points! There’s quite a bit of deals by the freezers where the ice cream is, and also in the cereal aisle.

Make sure to check the dates on the cereal, some is soon and others are good until November.

We got 7 boxes of cereal, one bag of granola, 2 drink flavourings, 9 toothbrushes (5 of them spinbrushes), one fancy pack of lipglosses, 2 toothpastes and several packs of Listerine breathstrips.


IMG_20160318_103204Time to go stock up on cereal! If you’re not near that Shoppers, check your local one – you never know!

We saved $117 on this shopping trip!

Always nice to be fully stocked up for a long time on staples, and with kids home soon for spring break it’s a great time for extra cereal!

All the toothbrushes etc. are 99 cents each, and the cereals are all $1.99.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever found? And what items do you like to stock up on?

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