Valentine’s day coupon giveaway!

12 Feb

Here’s a fun coupon giveaway for Valentine’s day – the winner or winners will each receive their choice of coupons! They can email me their list and I will send only what they want! 🙂

To enter comment with what you’re doing for Valentine’s day, or a funny Vday story!

To earn a 2nd entry join our facebook group! Make sure you enter seperately for each one!

For 1-99 entries I’ll pick 1 winner, 100-199 3 winners, 200-299 6 winners and so on! Contest open to all Canadians and will end Valentine’s day at 7pm! Good Luck to everyone!

68 Replies to “Valentine’s day coupon giveaway!

  1. We have a pre-natal check up in the morning and husband took the day off and we are having a romantic dinner at home and curling up on the couch and watching a movie (ps I love you- my fav)

  2. Woo hoo great idea!!! Pick me pretty please!
    Roses are red
    violets are Blue
    Saving money with Nadine is easy to do!!!

  3. I would like to surprise my special someone with chocolate covered strawberries and a nice supper. I don’t have a funny valentines story 🙂

  4. When my husband proposed on Valentines day, he purchase a cake from Safeway that had a plastic ring on it however he switched the rings once we got home without me knowing.

    After supper he told me to get the cake out of the fridge, so I did and when I turned around he was looking at me funny so I thought maybe I had something on my face or my zipper was undone. When I asked him what was wrong he said nothing so I took the cake to the table and he was still looking at me funny. He finally said did you look at the cake, that was when I noticed that he had changed the rings. It is a good thing I didn’t see it in the first place or we would have had a huge mess to clean up.

  5. Well, we are having grama take the kids for a few days and we will prob be sitting side by side playing xbox 360 lol thats all we usually do for date nights…..gamers tee hee

  6. I get migraine headaches from most red food dyes, so usually Valentine’s Day sucks for me. Every cake, candy and chocolate has red on it or in it, so it’s hard for me to find things that hubby and I can share.
    Three years ago I was a little broke at Valentine’s Day, so I decided to go all out and cook a nice supper. Dollarama has tons of red and white decorations, and once I realized the colour scheme for the table was red and white, I decided that the food should be red and white as well, using natural colours or the two artificial dyes I could have.
    This is my third annual red and white supper, which will be held in two weeks (my one weekend off for Feb.), and I’m trying to top last years dessert, which was black forest cake, made with red velvet cake instead of chocolate.

    • My son has allergies to most for dyes so we have a dye free home. Life brand (at Shoppers) has naturally coloured jelly beans and for V-Day they came out with containers that are Red Pink and White! (hope you find this as exciting as I did when I found them)

  7. My husband and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day a week late when we are in Las Vegas (that week will also be our 12th wedding anniversary) by dining at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant … my favourite! We’ll definitely need coupons when we come back … lol 🙂

  8. I have the most not romantic newly wed husband (34 and counting years ago) I got up early made him heart shape pancakes. Nothing said. Made his lunch and packed it the night before. All his sandwiches were cut in heart shapes. No call from him all day. He comes in the house very upset no kiss nothing. Starts yelling at me to never use MOLDY BREAD again to make his lunch!!! If I have to cut the mold off he would rather buy his lunch!!!!! I start to cry it wasn’t moldy bread it’s VALENTINE’S YOU FOOL!!!! the sandwiches were hearts!!!!! He left and returned with flowers.

  9. The family is going out to Boston Pizza for a romantic Valentine’s Day pizza 🙂 and I’m making use of my free kid’s meal coupon! I’ve already joined the FB site.

  10. I love this!!! I’ve been reading ALL the other comments!!! 😀

    My husband & I usually NEVER spend Valentine’s Day together, we haven’t in the 6 1/2 years we’re been together, so why start now? (He’s a cook & I used to be a waitress) However, this year he has the day off!!! We’ll be spending our day with a house full of daycare kids. Then a regular night at home with our son (age 4). We had our date on Sat night instead (even sent our son on a sleepover at papa’s).

  11. Well my hubby is currently in Saskatoon for training, so I am spending Valentine’s Day with my baby boys. Not doing anything too exciting, my SIL is coming in for supper.

  12. Valentine’s Day is all about the kids for me…pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, a special lunch, and I have used a Teambuy Voucher and ordered a Marble Slab valentine’s day cake for dessert.

  13. Last year I was 7 months pregnant…I decided to make my husband’s favourite..PIZZA! I got all the ingredients for the crust ready in the breadmaker and set the timer so it would be ready when I got home from work. When I got home it smelled like it was already in the oven…turns out I forgot to set it for dough and had a rock hard ball of cooked pizza dough…we ended up picking up a rotisserie chicken from Safeway. I blame it all on baby brain!!

  14. No special plans for Valentine’s Day – we skip the celebrations on the 14th and wait for March 3rd when we celebrate the anniversary of our first date 🙂

  15. For Valentine’s Day last year, my husband and I FILLED our living room with pink and red balloons the night before as a surprise for our son, 20 months at the time. He was over the moon excited!!

    • A surprise for the morning, obviously ;). Also, we try to make everything we eat on Valentines Day either heart shaped or pink/red. Example, breakfast – heart shaped french toast with heart shaped pieces of watermelon!

  16. so very blessed that every day is Valentine’s Day for me. hubby brings me coffee every morning and enjoys trying out new recipes (even made a delicious apple crumble). gets me flowers when I am feeling down and gifts for no apparent reason other than he loves me. so how are we celebrating Valentine’s Day…just like any other day with maybe a little extra !!!
    FB fan

  17. Probably wiping bums as the flu is running through my house AND I just caught the dogs rooting through the garbage can in my kitchen! How romantic! Lol

  18. Were gonna stay at home and have a nice fondue dinner with bread and cheese..with romantic and then watch a movie

  19. hubby works nights so we had a nice dinner yesterday as a surprise. My son was so excited to surprise daddy he blabbed all the surprises as he entered the door:)

  20. For Vday I’m working, but I will be making homemade waffles for breakfast tomorrow. And then we will celebrate on Thursday . Free dinner at Infernos Bistro ( thanks to Hot103s card for a card promo) and then headed off to a concert.

  21. Spending the evening at home with my family. Making a heart shaped cake. And now I think I will make chocolate covered strawberries (saw on someone else’s comment and sounds yummy)!

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