Too Good to Go – IKEA

2 Jul

Picked up a meal from Too Good to Go tonight at Ikea. If you haven’t tried the app, it sells  discounted food and treats. You order them online and then pick them up at the specified time.

It’s very easy to use and we do it pretty often so I figured I’d start giving some reviews of actual places.

The meal from IKEA was $7 for $21 worth of food. $7.83 with tax. It’s always a surprise, and it can be anything off the menu at that place. For Ikea you have to go upstairs to the cafeteria to pick up.

We ended up with a salmon dinner, an egg salad sandwich and six samosas. Everything was fresh and still warm – not the sandwich of course. ☺️

The samosas are smaller but pretty good. The egg salad sandwich my husband thought was actually the best part and he really enjoyed it.

I don’t eat fish so he ate the salmon meal. We did have to reheat it, so I’m assuming it’s a lot better in store. He wasn’t the biggest fan of the rice or veggies, but liked the salmon.

But most of this all comes down to personal taste – but everything was very fresh and well made.

Definitely worth the price – and the possibilities with their variety make it worth trying again too.

You can see on the price sheet all the possible things you could get.

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