Too Good to Go – Discount food and snacks

5 Mar

Too Good to Go is an app that matches you with food in your area that is ready to be picked up.

It can be from bakeries, smaller grocery stores, pizza places, there’s a lot of Tim Hortons on it, etc.  Most boxes are around $5 and it really varies what you get inside.

I tried this app when it first came to Winnipeg a few years ago, and I did not have great luck with a few businesses that I used. But I decided to give it another try and started using it again about a month ago, and have had a lot better luck and nicer boxes.

Both of the boxes I’m showing were sold at a discount, the Tim Hortons one was $5, and the bakery box I think was $7 or $8.

Everything in both boxes was still good, a few of the Tim Hortons items were getting a little bit crunchy, but the donuts and muffins were completely fine.

Everything in the bakery box was very fresh, the cookies had a filling in them and they’re probably several dollars each at the store.

The variety you can get can be very mixed, but from what I see online most Tim Hortons boxes are pretty similar. So if you’re wanting to just start with that, that’s probably a nice safe bet.

There’s a lot of small local businesses on it too, so that’s fun to try. If you are out in a different part of the city, you can turn on the app and see if any of the businesses have any boxes ready to go.

A lot of them go very quickly, and you pay directly on the app. You just show the receipt. When you get there to pick up right on the app.

It’s very simple and easy to use. If you’ve used it let me know what your favourites have been.

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