Toad Hall Toys Sidewalk Sale 2014

12 Sep

Mark your calendars – the annual Sidewalk Sale at Toad Hall Toys is Sept. 20th at 10am!!

If you haven’t been before this is an amazing sale – they clear out a ton of great toys at insane prices!!

This year they have costumes for kids with matching costumes for dolls, and as usual a ton of discontinued Playmobil.

I’ve gone the last few years and I can’t recommend it enough – perfect time to shop for all your xmas and bday gifts all in just an hour or two!

There’s toys, games and crafts for every age group too which is nice. The sale is set up on the sidewalk right in front of the store, last year there was no formal line up so no need to get there crazy early. When they open it up it’s madness, make sure if you plan on getting a lot you bring someone to help carry everything around as it gets crowded. Always nice to have someone to stack all the boxes onto 🙂

I like too that there are deals on smaller inexpensive items but also on sets and more expensive items – perfect for any shopping budget!


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  1. I love how they usually wait until the weekend of child tax! So helpful to not have to scrounge up the change to get some awesome deals!

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