Tips for picking and maintaining your Christmas tree

30 Nov


It’s that time of year again! And if you’re wanting a real tree this year, here are some tips on how to choose the right one, and how to get it to last until after the holidays.

– Before you head out, measure the space you have. Width and height. In case you fall in love with a giant tree and have to make it squish into the spot.

– Going out and cutting your own tree is great and ensures you have a fresh one. If buying from a lot, make sure to check for browning. The needles should be flexible. Give the tree a little shake to make sure a ton of needles aren’t falling off.

– Make sure to check that you aren’t getting a painted tree, unless that’s what you wanted. Nothing wrong with those, just not always what you expect.

– Give the tree a fresh cut at the bottom if you can, just like flowers it really helps extend the life. Do not compromise the bark in any way – like slicing it to make it fit, can really alter water absorption. Use regular water, room temperature. Make sure to get it in water right after cutting it.┬áSome say boiling water helps at the first fill, but no real proof that works. Remember to water it a lot, especially that first time. They really use up a lot of water.

– Watering is really important since a hydrated tree is less combustible – just in case.

– When you get the tree set up properly in your stand, let it thaw out overnight before you decorate it.

– Your tree will lose needles no matter what you do, get a tree skirt or just sweep them up.

– When you pick your tree spot make sure it’s away from things that could dry it out more – furnace ducts, dehumidifiers, direct sunlight etc.

– When you’re done with the tree you can dispose of it, unbagged, at one of the city’s many recycling depots

What are your tips on how to pick and take care of a Christmas tree? Which types do you find last the longest or look the best?

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