Time for another coupon giveaway!

21 Nov

My coupon stash is overloaded again and I want to start fresh – figure you guys might as well be the ones to benefit from it! 🙂  Will pick 1 winner who gets a large envelope – if there’s lots of entries I’ll pick more! 🙂

To enter just comment with anything you want – a holiday tip, a good deal you found etc.  One entry per household, open to all Canadians and will end Wednesday Nov. 23rd at noon.

Good Luck to everyone!

80 Replies to “Time for another coupon giveaway!

  1. I love deals, I look this time of the year for presents for family with birthdays in the next little while, to take advantage of the deals!!!

  2. Facebook is a great tool for FREE full price coupons from companies. Simply “like” different companies and keep an eye out for their free coupon offers.

  3. my biggest tip that i have learned is if it is a really good deal stock up – mine is soup and kraft dinner and also shredded cheese.

  4. Love your facebook page! It has saved me a lot of money with all the money saving tips, I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Hoping to find a method to store my coupons that works for me where I know what I have w/o having to flip through them all. This way I can take them with me at all times, since I tend to decide on a whim to stop and pick something up and it ends up being a few things … and a lot of the times it’s things I had a coupon for!

    Your website & FB are a big help …


  6. Holiday tip: do a one stop shop and save on gas! Walmart, Zellers, Toys r Us, Superstore… everyone price matches this time of year 🙂

  7. Im trying to save as much money because Im having my first baby (super pumped). Money is tight because m still a student, but I will be done soon. Im always looking for new coupons to add to my very small collection 🙂 thanks

  8. I try to use a few coupons whenever I shop. and then I use the money that’s been freed up for other things (e.g. saving for a family vacation even a few years down the road). Sometimes I even a splurge (guilt-free) on something I would never buy for me or mine because I know our family budget is till on track.

  9. I am getting so excited with all that i am learning about coupons/special offers and being able to cash in on deals for products I use all the time. Thanks!

  10. I have learned a lot from this site-not just about coupons, but about deal sites (like Groupon, etc), free events in Winnipeg, and a lot more…keep it up!

  11. I would love to win some coupies.
    Best idea is to become a Shoppers Optimum card holder.
    Best Deal: I got the bogo free coupon from Ritter Sports facebook page (doesn’t sound like chocolate to me lol) and then found them on sale for 2/$4.
    And what yummy choc. I hadnt tried it before.

  12. I’m pretty new at this so my tip would be to ask others what works for them and follow your website & facebook page for awsome advice! Thanks so much, I feel so powerful with all my new found knowledge! 🙂

  13. My tip is to not just buy something because it is on sale or you get points. If you don’t need it your are not saving any money! I often catch myself trying to buy stuff at shoppers to get the Optimum points.

  14. I recently did my first ever stack at London Drugs – I had three different coupons which added up to $6.50 off a $9.99 L’Oreal Everpure conditioner! I appreciated your site’s up-to-date information on their coupon stacking policy; it gave me confidence to go do this!

  15. A great deal at Fude Restaurant right now for VIP members (anyone can become a member): buy $100 worth of gift cards and get a $50 voucher!

  16. coupons started this amazing and fun hobby that has developed into an obsession in finding deals/matching coupons with deals/earning loyalty points on the deals and maximizing savings in a full circle 🙂

  17. my best deal ever- this past weekend, I got a medium mens’ military style, long-sleeve jacket for .68 cents at Old Navy in the US. the cashier could not believe the price!

  18. This year is for Xmas I am going to try to buy no new wrapping paper for gifts. It is amazing how many things I have come across that would make perfect wrapping paper for FREE!

  19. have been using coupons forever, and even tho there is only the 2 of us I still cannot pay full price for anything LOL. always check the flyers, clearance, thrift stores, Kijijii, etc. groupon, teambuy, etc. are great places to shop. just made sure you need and can use what you are buying… a bargain is not a bargain if it ends up in the garbage or landfill.

  20. Would really like some coupons, espically flour right now just found the bag I had (not open) had some gross liquid stuff that leaked into it.

  21. Would love some coupons to help the budget go further! Thank you so much for having this draw and your fabulous website!!

  22. Never leave home without your coupons. You never know when you’re going to see a great deal that you have a coupon for that makes it an even better deal!!!

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