The Great Mouse Detective bluray/dvd – Review and Giveaway!

11 Oct

Disney’s classic film The Great Mouse Detective is now available on blu-ray. This is one Disney movie that I really don’t remember seeing when I was younger – I got to enjoy seeing it for the first time with my 6 year old. Join Basil of Baker Street and his trusted sidekick Dawson on their grand adventure – and enjoy the villain Professor Ratigan, he was my favourite! 🙂 Loved that it was Vincent Price doing the voice, perfect person for it and can’t imagine it any other way. My 6 year old was mesmorized by the story, she really followed along and was enjoying the mystery. This is a great one for family movie night, something boys and girls will enjoy and moms and dads too! It was just released a few days ago and it’s a fun one! There are so many fun characters in it, and lots of great different scenes – some laughs, a little bit of scary stuff, lots of great adventures! There’s also fun extras on the dvd – a sing a long, a neat little mystery to solve with lots of info about how detectives started etc.

4 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this blu ray/dvd combo!! To enter, comment below with a memory from this film. To earn a 2nd entry tweet out the link to this giveaway. For a 3rd entry, post it up on your facebook status. Make sure to comment seperately for each entry. Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Friday October 19th at noon – Good Luck to everyone! 🙂


69 Replies to “The Great Mouse Detective bluray/dvd – Review and Giveaway!

  1. I’m with you Nadine, I’m sure I’ve seen it when I was much younger but don’t remember it. Would love to add it to my Disney collection and make some memories with my kids as well 🙂

  2. I don’t remember watching this one – but looks familiar! I would love to have a family movie night with my kids with this one 🙂

  3. I am sorry but i vaguely remember this show. It has been so long, truthfully i dont recall if my children have seen it! I love all Disney movies though. I am sure we would love it. Be a real treat to see it!

  4. I’m not sure if I ever saw this movie! I know I’ve heard of it before just never watched it. This would be a great time to see it.

  5. I havent seen this movie in ages!!! I really cannot remember the last time I have seen it. I’d love to win it so that I can watch it with my daughter though. And I think I’m thinking of the right movie, that this is my husbands favorite Disney movie (

  6. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen this one. But it sure sounds like something my granddaughter would love and I would love to watch it with her.

  7. I don’t remember if I have seen this one, but it does look familiar. I think it’s one my kids would enjoy watching now though. we love all disney movies.

  8. I use to watch this with my aunt – I remember I would walk around and pretend to find things for her – really i just hid them on her and then got them again

  9. I know I watched the movie but can’t remember it, I believe there was a cat that helped them like most mouse movies.

  10. I remember watching the movie, but I don’t remember any specifics from it. Hmm, I guess I’ll have to watch it again and make some memories:)

  11. I don’t remember seeing this as a child but I know my little man would love it! He’s getting away from taking naps and a little bit of movie watching and quiet time is great for him. And me too!!

  12. I actually have no memory of this movie? I did watch a lot of Disney movies as a child. I hope if I win I can share the memory of watching it for the first time with my 2.5 yr old son! Nothing like making new memories as a family! 🙂

  13. I remember watching this movie in my Aunt and Uncles family room with my cousins and us laughing and eating chips such great memories and I would love to have the same memories of this movie with my new daughter…I would love to have this one for my collection…fingers crossed 🙂

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