The Backyardigans Live! on Stage: Sea Deep in Adventure – Show Review

3 Feb


My family and I had the privilege to catch Backyardigans Live! on Stage: Sea Deep in Adventure when they came to Winnipeg on Sunday Feb.2nd – and let me tell you, what an adventure it was!

I was so very impressed with all the choreography, storyline, costumes, and their ability to keep the kids (and parents) entertained and involved! Characters just seem more real when you get to see them live on stage, in person, dancing around, than simply on the television screen.

My kids (ages 7 & 4) were unable to look away! They had permanent smiles on their faces (except when intermission came), laughed, clapped and yelled back when needed!
They were able to keep kids, parents and grandparents of all ages entertained, and put forth a fantastic lesson that everyone is able to understand – Recycle! Don’t litter, as it affects everyone, especially the Sea creatures – if you don’t recycle, you get grumpy creatures.

Everyone in my family had a different favorite character. Of course my daughter loved Tasha and Uniqua – The Mermaids! My son loved Austin, Tyrone and Pablo (of course the boys) as they were adventuring trying to help the Dolphins out! I loved the octopus and my husband got a kick out of the clam!

There is something for everyone when The Backyardigans come to life on stage and I highly recommend that when they come back to Winnipeg, or they are in your city, to check them out! Tour dates can be found on their website.
Great life lessons, fantastic music, and good old family entertainment.

If you were lucky and caught the production of The Backyardigans Live! on Stage, what was your favorite part of the adventure? Did you have a favorite Character?

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