Happy Valentine’s Day with Play-Doh! A treat without the sweet!!

4 Feb

PicMonkey Collage  It’s always a dilemma at our house for what to send to school for Valentine’s day.

The kiddo always comes home with a bag of fun treats,toys and cards and she wants to send something equally as fun. With allergy concerns and schools not wanting candy sent in, Play-Doh has a great idea!

You can buy a pack of 15 V-day coloured Play-Doh’s and they come with super cute stickers that the kids can fill out for their friends. And adorable valentine, and some fun for later! It’s great for girls and boys which is nice and it’s fun to personalize each little container! A good variety of stickers for whatever the kids like – I know mine likes to think about each and every one, and customize it to her friends. The stickers are also in french and english so works for any school too.

A great way to send a treat to school without the sweet! Something everyone can enjoy!

These are available at all our favourite local stores and online too! Something quick and easy for the parents, something the school will approve of, and that your kid will be excited to pass out to all their little friends!







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