TeamBuy Marble Slab giveaway!

1 May

 TeamBuy has an awesome deal today for Marble Slab – time to stock up for the warm weather coming soon, also makes a great gift! We did that last year, picked up a Teambuy for an ice cream cake – even gave one as a gift. Who doesn’t love someone showing up at their house with a huge, delicious ice cream cake?

And thanks to Teambuy and Marble Slab, 2 lucky, lucky people will each be winning their choice of either: 1 large cake, 2 one litre take home tubs, or 6 cones!! What a yummy giveaway!

To enter, comment with which one you’d pick and why!

To earn a 2nd entry, like Marble Slab on facebook

Contest open to all Canadians, you’ll just have to be in Winnipeg to cash it in if you win! Giveaway ends tomorrow, May 2nd at noon! Good Luck to everyone!

90 Replies to “TeamBuy Marble Slab giveaway!

  1. I would pick the cake…we bought this deal from them last year, and enjoyed it very much when we had it for my daughter’s birthday-Turtles flavor, her favorite!

  2. I would choose the 6 cones – my family and I just discovered Marble Slab (heard about it, hadn’t yet tried it!) It is SO GOOD! 6 cones would make for a fun few outings this summer 🙂

  3. I would love any of them. My twins finally outgrew their dairy allergy so they we can finally go out for ice cream as a family!

  4. That is a hard choice…all of them are so good!! I think I’d choose the tubs of ice cream so we can enjoy at home.

  5. I would go with the 2 1L of ice cream! LOVE marble slab!
    Can you say Ice cream party for the kids on my block!

  6. I’d choose the tubs! This would be awesome to win for my family since we just found out my daughter has outgrown her nut allergy, so she can now enjoy marble slab ice cream!!!

  7. I would get the cake my birthday is coming up and I always have to make my own cake so it would be nice not to have to do that this year 🙂

  8. What a great draw!! I would choose the cake. What a treat for the family or company. I think I’d invite a few friends over for cake and coffee!

  9. Yummmmmm……. Cake……… My daughters birthday is coming up so this would be great! If I could resist the temptation that is lol!

  10. I would choose the take home tubs because our ice cream tubs at home always go so fast. especially when I picked up chapman’s fudge ice cream! the family went nuts.

  11. I would love to try their cake. I have never had it before, but I love their ice cream so I’m assuming I’d love their cake. My sister also loves their stuff. It would be awesome to show up to herbirthday party with one!!

  12. I would choose the ice cream cones. It would give me and my husband 3 dates worth of icecream. And it would be perfect for days like today!

  13. I would love to try their cake. I have never had it before, but I love their ice cream so I’m assuming I’d love their cake. My sister also loves their stuff. It would be awesome to show up to herbirthday party with one!!

    Have already liked Marble Slab 🙂

  14. I’d pick the cake as my boyfriend is a huge fan of ice cream cakes and I always get him one for his birthday.

  15. That’s a truly tough decision. I guess the take home tubs under the pretense that they would last longer than the cake. However, anything will be toast in under a week at my house.

  16. I would take the tubs, then I can have two flavours and have easy access to some ice cream in my freezer for a pregnancy craving……

  17. I would pick the large cake…. I have four birthdays coming up in the next 3 months…. two of them at the end of this month.

  18. I would pick the cake – it is my husband’s birthday soon and he would love it! (we might even share some with the kids!!)

  19. Would get the cake for Mother’s day. My mother in law could use a wonderful cake for mother’s day as she is going through some stressful times.

  20. I would choose the cones. This way I could go with family and we could all get different flavours & toppings and share!!! It’s always so hard to decide what to get…

  21. It’s a toss up between the cones and the tubs… I think I’d choose the cones and enjoy them with my family.

  22. I would choose the 2 1 litre take home tubs. I enjoy ice cream immensely; my husband can verify that. If I choose the tubs – the more times & the longer I get to indulge in this extra ordinary sinful indulgence. I love, I love it, I’ll even eat it if I wake up at night!

  23. I would probably take the tubs so we could enjoy them at home…..but my daughters birthday is coming up soon so the cake might be a good idea too….tough choice!

  24. we would choose the cones! Such a great treat for a hot summer day…and then we can try way more kinds 😉

  25. I would love the ICE CREAM CAKE. It is perfect for Mother’s Day coming up; or it is excellent for a Birthday Cake. Who doesn’t love ice cream? I could eat it anytime, even when I wake-up during the night. It just luuuuuus you back to sleep!


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