Target now shipping to Canada!

21 Oct

targetIf you were a big fan of Target and have been missing their stock – good news! They are now shipping to Canada!

If you’ve visited their site lately (and a lot of you have with the amount of emails I got about this one!) you will see a pop up telling you that the prices will now be in Canadian dollars, duties and taxes are calculated right at checkout, there’s a few choices for shipping too.

Sounds like a great deal – and I’m sure there will be a lot of great deals to be had.

Just make sure to check around like I did.

Let’s say you want a Mossimo coat that is $54.48 – by the time you pay the $21.10 for the cheapest shipping and the $17.77 in duties and taxes the jacket is now $93.35.

Or a video game that is $66.75 – after shipping and fees it jumps to $97.57.

I think that it could be worth it for items you can’t find in Canada and brands that you had grown to love. Or, if you really go through their clearance and sales and find some unbelievable deals.

It’s great that they’re shipping to Canada – and that you at least know the fees up front. But it’s a pretty pricey option for everyday items.

What do you think of them shipping to Canada? Would you order from them? What are your thoughts on the fees and shipping?

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