Summer Movie Deals in Winnipeg!

20 Jul

When it’s too hot out, or it’s raining or you just need a little break – heading to the movies is a great idea! It can get pretty expensive, but there are a ton of deals and special events going on to save you money at the movies!

  • Landmark Cinemas has a crazy amount of specials – kids deals on sunday, seniors on monday, discount tuesday, pair wednesday and many more! Check them all out and see what works for you!
  • Cineplex has cheap family movies on Wednesdays and Saturdays – these aren’t just for kids either – things like ET and Princess Bride are so fun to see on the big screen! They also have discounts on tuesdays, and don’t forget about Scene points or buying passes at Costco.


If you want to see a movie outside, you have lots of choices and they’re all free! There are Movies on Memorial every Tuesday in August, there are some on Thursdays in Transcona, and Fridays in Assiniboine Park!

You can even do your own movie night in your backyard – get a screen or a sheet – or even just bring the tv outside and play an old classic.

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