Step Up Revolution – Premiere passes giveaway! :)

18 Jul

  If you’re a big fan of the Step Up franchise you will be thrilled to know the next installment comes out on July 27th! Here’s a brief description of the film, which is set in Miami.

Emily (Kathryn McCormick) arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs, called “The Mob.” When a wealthy business man threatens to develop The Mob’s historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people, Emily must band together with Sean and The Mob to turn their performance art into protest art, and risk losing their dreams to fight for a greater cause.

The trailer for this film looks great, lots of dancing, fast paced scenes and music! Looks like a hot summer film! Want to attend the premiere? Well, 5 lucky people will each be able to go, with a friend!

To enter, comment below with why you want to go see this movie! The premiere is on July 25th at Polo Park so make sure you’re able to attend before entering. Giveaway ends Monday July 23rd at noon.

28 Replies to “Step Up Revolution – Premiere passes giveaway! :)

  1. I spent more than 10 years in dance class (ballet, jazz, hip-hop and breakdancing), and the art of dancing never ceases to amaze me! The dancers in the Step Up franchise totally blow my mind and I’d love to see the new one to see what moves they pull out next!

  2. I have liked all of the previous step up movies. I wish that I could dance like them. But I think my daughters might enjoy it more 🙂

  3. My friends and I have seen all the step up movies and love dance movies. This would be an awesome win.

  4. We have watched all of the other movies a dozen times we really enjoy them. I would love to take my husband to this!

  5. omg, i would love to go see this! I LOVE dancing! i taught dance this year, but baby is on the way so no more dancing for me. Would love to see this movie as i have seen and loved all the others!

  6. My husband and I are both addicted to dance movies…this would be such a treat to go on a date for a movie!

  7. I watch so you think you can dance religiously since day one, and have also watched all of Adam Shankman’s movies. This would help make me and my partner summer a blast. Hook us up….
    please. he he

  8. I’d want to go for the dancing for sure! Hopefully take my daughter who’s a big dance fan (it might be a little too mature for her) or else just a Mom’s night out!

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