Starbucks 12 days of gifting and other coffee deals

3 Dec

Starbucks has started their 12 days of gifting – check out their site to see the deals daily – you can even see what the next day’s deals are. Today’s deal is free coffee for January when you buy a $30 tumbler right now – good gift idea for someone who hits up Starbucks daily. Tommorow’s deal is a deal on a tumbler and coffee.

If you’re out and about and want a coffee, check out Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s – both have some of their small specialty coffees on for $1 for the next little while.

I tried out the peppermint mocha from Mcd’s and it was pretty good – definitely worth $1 – and if you’re out as a couple $2.24 is pretty good for a treat! 🙂

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