St. Vital Centre Children’s Hospital Book Sale

24 Sep

book_market_logoStarting today until Saturday Sept. 26th it’s the Children’s Hospital Book sale at St. Vital Centre.

The hours are today and tomorrow (friday) until 9pm and Saturday it’s on from 9:30am until 6pm.

We always look forward to these sales – lots for everyone in the whole family! Always find some really neat books too, and I love how it’s set up by interests and types so you can really search for what you’re looking for.

Last time I found some really old Dr. Who choose your own adventure books for my daughter – those were a rare find for sure! Can’t beat those prices too! Great to stock up a daycare, donate to a school or club etc. too. Always a good idea to pick up a bunch extra if you have a big reader and hide some away for winter surprises.

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