Spring Break coupon giveaway!

25 Mar

What a great week to win some coupons!  Here’s my giveaway for the parents, enter to win some great grocery coupons!

Each winner will receive an envelope of good coupons, for every day grocery items! Here’s how to enter:

1 – Give a money or sanity saving tip for spring break!

2 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway (you can enter daily for this one)

Make sure to comment below if you tweeted to count as your entry – giveaway open to all Canadians.

For 1-99 entries I’ll pick 1 winner, 100-149 2 winners, 150-199 3 winners and so on 🙂

Good Luck to everyone! Giveaway will end Friday March 29th at noon!

22 Replies to “Spring Break coupon giveaway!

  1. Just finished walking the dog! With the beautiful weather happening right now……go outside with the kids. Put the splash pants on and rubber boots and spend the day outside. Besides getting fresh air and a clean house…..it is free! And after a bath and dinner, you have a nice quiet evening because the kids are all tuckered out.

  2. We love all the free library program over Spring Break. I’ve also cashed in on a couple of the cereal box free movies.

  3. a money and sanity saving tip is to watch netflix with your family.,with plenty of yummy snacks as well,of course..it saves on renting movies at the store and gives the family something to do together

  4. Going for a family walk is great to a near by park 🙂 Lots of fun for the kids – while they run around loosing their mids, it gives you some quiet time while you supervise them.

  5. We normally have two horses at home and just had to move them. Its nice to get out to the barn their at with my son to visit them. By the time we get home hes pretty tired. There is also Aurora Farm (aurorafarm.ca) and they have open house every sunday 1-5. They have all different farm animals and right now lots of little ones are being born. Was just there not long ago with my son and we got to play with goats that were a few days old.

  6. Carry a purse/pocket full of snacks for the kids! Its easy to loose track of time while out with the kids, and a few granola bars and gummies can go a long way instead of buying food spontanously!

  7. Plan playdates with other moms to let the kids have fun and get rid of energy, but also give yourself some adult time, so you do not go craxzy!!! Bring snacks whenever you can to help save costs on outings!!!!

  8. Do not get the stomach bug and be sick the WHOLE time. Sigh we just finished our spring break and the whole family was sick on and off. I try to bring our own snacks/lunches with us to save $

  9. put a towel on the floor of your bathtub, lay your oven racks on top, sprinkle laundry detergent over the racks, cover with hot water. let it soak overnight. saves you time and you don’t have to scrub or smell stinky cleaners.

  10. My hubby and I go on “Entertainment Book Dates” – there’s always coupons for new restaurants to try, and for a movie or activity as well. Savings of at least 50% as most things are B1G1. It’s such a great thing to do, we never know where we’re going next!

  11. I hide eggs filled with coins and only give my son a small basket with chocolate. Much healthier and he appreciates the pocket money!

  12. Spring break is a great time for the kids to have a sleep over at the grandparents (their request!) gives me time to clean house without taking two steeps back when the kids are around messing up another part of the home.
    To save money we don’t plan on going anywhere so I’m planning on making a bunch of sugar cookies the kids can decorate for Easter. Tons of crafts, games and playing outside in the puddles!

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