Sobeys West Tastes of the World Contest

5 Apr


From April 5th to May 16th Sobey’s will be running their awesome Tastes of the World Contest! It’s for stores in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia – so Westerners, get ready to play to enter some really cool foodie trips!

4 Ways to Win:

●      Collect to Win (collect stamps to win a trip to 1 of 6 fantastic foodie destinations)

●      Instant Win (prizes indicated on your game ticket – Sobeys Club points, free groceries and more)

●      Online Sweepstakes (Some game tickets contain a pin number you can enter online to win great prizes)

●      In-Store Draw (Every store will have a draw to win Lagostina cookware)

The prizes are super neat, 6 foodie all inclusive trips to be won – to Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Cancun and Bangkok.

Which destination would you pick if you won? I’m already dreaming of Paris – would be feasting on Pain au Chocolat and all my other French faves. They all sound pretty good to me – I do love to eat though! 🙂

Check out the Sobey’s Tastes site to play online, you need to get your game card first to start playing – and remember, to get your passport and collect your game pieces make sure to visit your local Sobey’s.

I’m excited for this one – Good Luck to everyone! So many ways to win!


8 Replies to “Sobeys West Tastes of the World Contest

  1. The survey is absolutely far too intrusive and I will not fill out.
    \I began and then stoppewhat a load of nonsense.

      • looked it up and that’s only if you want to play online – the rest of the contest is all in store. I’m super excited to go get my passport and collect some stamps! 🙂

  2. I just entered my pins online and it was super easy! There’s also quick ways to earn bonus entries, like sharing on facebook and twitter. Went shopping last night and earned 4 stamps – 2 for one country already 🙂

    • For the bonus points? Mine worked right away – maybe give them a call or email about it? The card works ok at the store still for points?

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