Sobeys Cash and Carry

5 Mar

I went back to Sobeys Cash& Carry today at 840 Dufferin.

It was very busy, but the lineup moved quickly and the employees were great.

I was in a bit of a rush, and they had no extra carts, I tried few times to get one so I could only get what I could carry.

This was my second time there, I liked it the first time and I wanted to see if the deals were as good. I ended up skipping the fridge and freezer this time because I couldn’t carry anything, but the rest of the store was still pretty good. Not quite as good as the first time, but definitely still worth the trip.

Knowing your prices is a plus, because a  lot of it is more expensive than regular grocery stores. But then a lot of it is super super cheap. So you really have to look around.

This would be great for a school canteen or event, a party etc.  and of course just regular grocery shopping too.

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