Sneak Peek at Checkout 51 offers

21 May

Here are the deals that will go live Thursday for Checkout51 :

Energizer MAX, any Energizer Max product.   Cash back $2.00
Maple Leaf Bacon, 500 g or more, any variety.  Cash back: $2.00
Schneider’s wieners or sausages, any variety.   Cash back: $2.00
Chapman’s ice cream, 2 L or more, includes Original and Premium ice cream.   Cash back: $1.50
Europe’s best frozen fruit, any variety.   Cash back: $2.00
Europe’s best frozen vegetables, any variety.   Cash back: $2.00
Select Glade® Products, excludes Glade Aerosols and Glade Solids.  Cash back: $2.00
Unico beans or peas, Any canned beans or peas.  Cash back: $0.50
Unico canned tomatoes, 796 mL, any variety.    Cash back: $0.50
Unico olives, 375 mL or more in cans or jars  Cash back: $0.50
Any grocery trip over $60   Cash back $1.00

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