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5 Sep

snackbox  In our family we are all snackers!! We all love to try new foods and I’m always on the lookout for new healthy treats for all of us. When I heard about Snackbox, it was like a dream come true!! Every month you can get a box of snacks delivered right to your door!!! And these are not your average snacks, each one of these is pretty unique and different!!

Every month you get another surprise assortment of treats in the mail. You usually get about 10-12 different snacks in each box, depending on their sizes. I really like the surprise element of it, but I was pretty curious before as to what exactly would be in it. So, if you’re curious like me, here’s what we got in our August snackbox!!!

1 – King Island 100% pure coconut water – have to admit i’d never tried coconut water before. Wasn’t my fave, and amazingly coconut is pretty much one of my husband and daughter’s dreaded tastes so this we shared with my mom, who did enjoy it. Perfect to rehydrate on a hot day.

2 – Lundberg Rice chips – we got the Fiesta lime chips. I’m usually a sharer, and I don’t often finish most things….this I hoarded and kept to myself and something I will be buying a lot more of! The flavor was amazing, great crunch, and super healthy!! One of my new fave snacks for sure!!

3 – Ener-C – these we had tried before, love having these around the house for cold and flu season. Tons of vitamin c in one little powder that you add to water.

4 – Brothers all natural fruit crisps – this we got the apple ones, which I had never even thought of for a school snack…til I saw my daughter devour the bag!! Will be picking up a bunch of these for school too. Perfect for an on the go snack, something you can leave in the car too.

5 – Rocket oatmeal – this is so cool!! Super healthy oatmeal ready to go in a cup! It was super yummy, and big enough for me and the kiddo to share. We both really liked it, and I think it’s an awesome idea to bring to school or work.

6 – Mya’s crunch – this one we were kind of leery of, not big fan of the typical orange flavoured chocolate. This was super yummy!! A really fresh orange flavor to it, nice dark chocolate and some crunchy rice crisps in it. Yum!

7 – Alive and Radiant foods Kale Krunch – this one I didn’t expect to be a fave at all…chocolate covered Kale? Ends up the kiddo loves it, and couldn’t wait to share it with grandma. Amazingly it really is popular with the kids, never would have believed it!

8 – Hippie Foods Granola – our family eats granola once in a while, it’s not the hottest thing at our house or anything….yet this bag led to many fights!! Everyone wanted to eat it just like that as a snack, it never even made it’s way to milk or yogourt!! The flavor was just perfect, and the amount of almonds in it was really surprising. I could just eat this out of the bag, all the time. Perfect for a quick snack…or if you’re more dedicated for breakfast!

9 – Surf Sweets candy rings – this we got in watermelon (I swear we aren’t picky, but I don’t eat any melons) – hubby and kiddo shared these. made with organic fruit juice, tons of vitamin C – it’s nut free, gluten free, and vegan…perfect little treat to send to school for a special day, or at Halloween to share with the other kids – even as a little dessert in the lunch box for sure!!

10 – Harvest Snaps – Snap pea crisps – I like snap peas, but didn’t think I’d like these at all, looks like a dried out snap pea…first bite kiddo and I weren’t fans, then after the 2nd bite we were hooked and fought over the bag!! Again, another fun crunchy salty snack to replace the unhealthy ones, could imagine these for a movie for sure! And a perfect little add in to the lunch box.

I was really surprised how much you get in the box, a lot of these were big containers, and full size bags of products. The box actually arrived on a Friday morning, perfect timing since we were already planning to have a family movie night that night!! It was really fun to get to try out so many different neat, healthy but fun treats!! Hoping I didn’t forget to list any of the ones we got, there was just so much in the box!! A lot of these are things we will be buying from now on, and I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box!!

Snackbox delivers to any mailing address in Canada – I think this is perfect for anyone who likes to snack of course, but I think this would make a pretty cool gift!! Send a box instead of flowers, or to new parents, to an elderly relative, to a friend for a surprise, a neat birthday surprise, for an anniversary and so on and so on!! 🙂  I know we’d be thrilled to get that as a surprise, it was pretty cool, and fun to open up the box and find out what exactly what was in there!! You can order a one, three, or six month plan – the more you order the cheaper it gets. You can find out all the info on their site, and how to order.

And if you want to try out Snackbox I have a great promo code to share – until October 31st use the promo code “COUPONWINNIPEG” and save $15 off your first Snackbox order!!! Happy snacking!!


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