Shopping tips for the United States – Guest Post by Sondra

17 Sep

Shopping in Fargo and Grand Forks is very popular with Manitobans and it can be hard to find all the best deals, or know the best way to do it. Here’s a great guest post by Sondra with all her best tips!

First thing is to wait til Pembina to fill your vehicle as gas is a lot cheaper than in Canada.
With a little bit of work you can save hundreds of dollars while shopping in Grand Forks or Fargo.
First off keep all receipts because you can claim back your taxes on all purchases over 25.00 that you are bringing back to Manitoba. Here is the link for the tax rebate (my last check was for almost 250.00 U.S)

When looking for hotels keep in mind how far you want to be away from the shopping malls. The Holiday Inn and Stay Bridge Suites use priority points which you can convert air miles into so you can get your hotel for free.
Here is a Grand forks zip code for when you are looking for coupons and deals – 58201.
Sign up for emails from your favorite restaurants, they send out freebie coupons all the time. IE: Texas Roadhouse, Space Aliens, Denny’s, Ruby Tuesdays, Wild Bills buffalo wings.

First off figure out which items you want to buy and once you have your list then you can start looking for the coupons.
JC Penney usually has great door buster and weekend sales and if you’re a card holder you get extra discounts.

Target has printable coupons – usually can save 150.00 on items.

Wal-Mart also has printable coupons.

Sign up for shop my way rewards for deals at sears and Kmart (they offer actual cash off items)

Kohl’s sends out coupons to your mailbox and also has secret sales.

Menards is a great place to earn savings. They usually have 11%rebates on all purchases and always have mail in rebates for a large amount of the stuff they carry.

Hobby lobby sends out coupons via email that are printable.

CVS pharmacy offers huge discounts and coupons to members (free to sign up)

Couponing sites to get extra coupons from manufacturers so you can stack coupons. (Please make sure you check store website FAQS to see if they allow stacking coupons)



Coupon Great

Retail Me Not

Wow Coupons

Shopping at Sam’s club is worth it – you do not need a membership but they charge 10% for your purchases. If you shop in the states and want to save on gas also then it’s worth it to get a membership. You can split it with another person so it would be half price and you get discounts on your gas also.
Remember that there are limits to how much you can bring back from the U.S
Here are the latest limitations for bringing items back (copied from customs website)
24 hours or more
Up to CAN$200 – Alcohol and tobacco cannot be claimed. Goods must be in your possession at time of entry to Canada. If the value of the goods you have purchased abroad exceeds $200 after a 24 hour absence, duty and taxes are applicable on the entire amount of the imported goods.
48 hours or more
Up to CAN$800 – May include alcohol and tobacco products, within the prescribed limits set by provincial or territorial authorities. Goods must be in your possession at time of entry to Canada. Travelers absent for periods of 48 hours or more will have the applicable exemption level credited against the total value of goods.
7 days or more
Up to CAN$800 – May include alcohol and tobacco products, within the prescribed limits set by provincial or territorial authorities. For the seven-day exemption, goods may be in your possession at time of entry to Canada but are also permitted to follow entry to Canada (such as via courier, mail or delivery agency), except alcohol and tobacco products, which must be in your possession. All the goods will qualify for duty- and tax-free entry if they are declared at the initial return to Canada.

Make sure to check what you’re allowed to bring back into Canada here.

With a little planning before you go you can have huge instore for tearpads and samples as they always give great coupons.
I hope this helps you save money and happy couponing.

11 Replies to “Shopping tips for the United States – Guest Post by Sondra

  1. I would also add that having the apps for the coupon sites really help. You don’t have to use your data down there to use them and u get daily deals. Retail Me Not is my fave!!

    we personally go up to 12 times a year (I’m leaving tmw! ) for groceries and building materials mainly… check the Target/WalMart/JC Penney flyers and websites for coupons the day before and you’ll be sure to save lots! We love going and use Hot wire every time for our hotel – without fail (so far!) lots of restaurants have CHEAP eat- in lunch deals (and even better Happy Hours ) that start at 4pm! Half price drinks at Paradiso, Ground Round, and Italian Moon in GF are just a few.
    Get some shopping in before Christmas is here and if you go for Black Friday -LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME WITH DAD! ! Make it a girls trip – best time. Ever. Wish me luck this weekend and happy shopping!! -Sarah

  2. Best to check limits on good item as there are limits on dairy Canadian dollars – 20$ per person and any overages are charged huge !
    Limits on poultry as well and if your going on a day trip -note -pop and junk food are not considered groceries !! Groceries – real groceries are duty free not junk food though.
    USA import limits
    Allowed from the United States
    (Proof of origin may be required)

    Dairy Products:$20/person Temperate fruits (e.g. those grown in Canada):RestrictedHouse Plants:Most mainland U.S. StatesConiferous Wreaths, Christmas Trees:Some mainland U.S. StatesConifers and garden plants:RestrictedMeat (fresh/frozen/chilled):20 kg/personMeat Products (jerky, sausages, deli meats,
    patties, etc.):20 kg/personGame Animal Carcasses:With hunter’s permitAnimal fat or suet:20 kg/person
    Allowed into Canada
    (All items must be clean and free of pests, soil and roots)

    Cheese (Except if packed in whey):20 kg/person to a maximum of $20Baby Formula:Commercially packagedSeeds:Small – 500g/person, Large – 5 kgCut Flowers (Except coniferous foliage/green cones):Must not be for propagationFresh fruits (Tropical):250 kg/personFruits & Vegetables (frozen, canned or dried):20 kg/personSome fresh vegetables:Root crops are regulatedHerbs, spices, tea, coffee, condiments:AllowedBakery goods, candies, etc.:Except those containing meatFish and Seafood:No puffer fish & Chinese mitten crabLeather Goods and Skins:Fully tanned hides and skinsWood, Carvings:Must be free of bark, insects

  3. Target: they have free wifi. Look up items on as I found pricing online cheaper than in store. I showed cashier online prices and he gave me the cheaper price.

  4. I would add that after you get back from North Dakota you input all your eligible receipts and get the tax back! These little one or two day trips can really add up to a lot… you get back a cheque in US dollars. Visit North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner for the form (this site wouldn’t let me copy/ past the site), submit form online then mail in your receipts!

    • It is important to note that each receipt has to be at least $25.00 worth of TAXABLE goods, before tax. If you have a receipt that has a subtotal of 24.00, even if it is all taxable, it will not qualify for a refund. Grocery receipts are more of a challenge as there are fewer taxable items to total 25.00. It is worth the effort to get a refund though, especially if you go a few times a year.

  5. when I was at Sams’s Club (GF) in November, they told me they were no longer doing the ‘day pass’, where you just pay 10% above. A new policy they said. Just FYI. 🙂

  6. Also , if going to Fargo, N.D. , they have a Costco there. You can use your Canadian membership! I believe they only accept American Express for credit cards though, so bring cash.

  7. Want the best deal out there. Expressway suites in Fargo and grand forks. With EZ marketing coupon from monday to Thursday rooms only about 80.00. Not only that but all queen rooms have 3 beds. 2 queens plus a pull out couch. Also free breakfast and get this free supper. Sometimes spaghetti sometimes chilli sometimes pizza sometimes sausages. Also veggies and fruit and even more. Each adult gets 2 free alcoholic beverages. It is amazing for large families and very clean and new. The pool in grand forks is small though. Fargo one has little water slide

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