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28 Nov

Are there still a few items on your list, or wishlist that you’re waiting to find a good price on? I usually do this with friends and family – why not do it larger scale? 🙂 Post up what you’re looking for, and people can post up if they see a good price on it. I’ve been surprised at some of the prices lately, and also who is carrying what. Shopper’s Drugmart had a Tassimo coffee maker on the weekend, I had no idea they carried that!

So, post it up – and we can all keep updating til you find your best price! And if you’re looking for something and it’s sold out – remember to try and price match!

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  1. I’m looking for a Wii, and a Christmas tree preferably one that already has lights on it. I think that’s about it… For now

    • I see that Home Depot has a promo if you buy a tree (real or artificial) between Dec 1 7 7 you will get a $25 card towards a $100 purchase to use in January.

      Michael’s is also another good place for trees (pre-lit too) but I guess it depends on what you like. The Bay did have a sale last week (not sure if it was one day) on Gluckstein trees and they often have good weekend promos so check them out.

  2. I’m looking for henkel knives set w/block. Walmart has a set for $100 but I know last year we got them for my parents for $50 – so I’m waiting for that or something similar for my brother this year.

  3. Costco has some great deals on a 42″ – They have a Panasonic on sale with a 2 year warranty, but it is a Plasma. My mom picked up one

  4. I’m looking for the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Alphabet Magnets. Walmart has them for about 25$, but I’d love to find one cheaper.

  5. I’m looking for some monster high stuff – not the dolls but anything else. I saw it at superstore – but they were regular price. Has anyone seen this stuff on sale? Thanks.

  6. Winter tires!? They are a gift for myself 🙂
    I know nothing about cars/tires. Cosco does not have my car’s size (14) and I don’t know where to look for them as I’m so afraid of being ripped off.

      • Also Curtis Tires is an option. I would have bought from there but they’re kind of far for me (they’re on arlington). I bought mine from Fountain tire in Southdale last year. I didn’t know much about them either so I did some googling and calling around for advice on tires to see what the differences are and what I actually needed. I started with the Car Salesman, then the service dept of that dealership and then branched out. Ask friends/family about their experience too, and if you go where others recommend, make sure you mention it to the place. I would advise against Canadian Tire (for service, don’t know about the tires)

        • We bought tires last year from Fountain Tire on Portage Ave. I would highly recommend them. Also ask whomever you buy from what they offer with their tires. Fountain Tire offers free repires, fill of air & possibly tire rotation (I have to look into this because we actually need this done on ours)

      • How did it turn out? Make sure they include rotations etc. – That’s why we like Kaltire, they really guarantee their tires (lots of bonuses on top)

        • I thought it went well as the price is only $35 over the Cosco price but I didn’t ask about bonuses or tire guarantee. I’m going to call again and ask before my appointment to get them installed on thursday.
          What do you mean tire rotation? for the future?
          I will let you know what they include once I call again!

          • that they will rotate your tires free for the life of the tire. Also free patches, repairs etc. – we’ve gone back to kaltire several times a year since buying our tires for free stuff. Was worth paying more – and they were the only place back then selling all weather – i think a few other places have them now. Also find out if it’s winter tires if they will take them off and on every year for free – otherwise that could add up. And who stores them etc? Hope it all goes well, tires are a big investment but so worth buying good ones!

        • I called again and it turns out Curtis Tire does not include anything added to their service, except for installation. (Strange as I was told at Cosco that Michellin tires always included some sort of 3 year repair free deal).
          This is what I meant when I said I knew nothing about tires! I hadn’t thought about any of the other points you guys are mentioning. I’ll start my search again tomorrow. At least now I know some questions to ask! Wish me luck!

  7. I am looking for a Stewie shirt (The Family Guy) for a teenage boy…..I can’t find anything so far.

    I did get a great buy at Costco on a Little Mommy Doll, Rocking Horse, and bed for $29.97 which I thought was a great deal considering that Zellers was selling the horse alone for 27.99 and the babys are around 9 to 12 bucks. I love deals like that! 🙂

      • Thanks, I called them but they don’t have ones in the age group I need. My nephew wants one and he’s 12, I know he should not even watch the show….right! Anyway I need a Stewie shirt that does not have swears or dirty pictures…..which is proving impossible!

        Also I need a “Yellow” Monster Truck for my 3 year old……from Santa!

  8. my kids really like angry birds…. a friend said seen some stuffed toys in a flyer but doesnt know which onws… anyone know??

    • Check ebay for angry birds merchandise. I ordered a set of stuffed birds and pigs for a really good price this summer, shipped from China. I am not sure how long the shipping would take though. I believe my husband saw lots of angry bird merch @ Future Shop.

    • I saw them in the chapters booklet that came out. Check – they ship free over $25 & it comes within a week. I’ve ordered several times from them.

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