Shopper’s Drugmart Surprise Points event

21 Sep

From Saturday sept. 22nd to Tuesday the 25th Shopper’s is having a Surprise points event….spend $75 and you will get either 18,500 points, 38,000 points of 50,000 points on a surprise points gift card.

Here is the fine print – there’s 185,000 cards for all of canada….2700 have the 50,000 points, 6300 have the 38,000 and the rest are the 18,500 points cards. So, not really the greatest odds, but at least you’re guaranteed the $25 value in points back on your $75. Worth taking a look at the flyer and seeing if there’s anything you need – getting 1/3 back of your amount is always nice on sales stuff! 🙂

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