Shopper’s Drugmart – Spend your points event!

25 Oct

This weekend, Oct. 27th and 28th Shopper’s Drugmart is having another spend your points event. Which means that 50,000 points will be worth $100 ($15 extra) and 95000 will be worth $200 (extra $30).

It’s a gamble at this points…will they or won’t they have the big xmas redemption where 95000 is worth $250 like they did last year. Are you going to be redeeming your points now, or holding off just in case?

2 Replies to “Shopper’s Drugmart – Spend your points event!

    • i won’t believe it til hear it from shopper’s – last year the rumours were insane! and i was already hearing possible dates for this year in the summer. Guess shows how popular it really is though. The employees should be finding out soon too I guess, so we should get some updates.

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