Shopper’s Drugmart Holiday Redemption

29 Nov

Shopper’s Drugmart has finally announced their holiday redemption! I’ve been waiting to post it up since there were a lot of rumours flying around about the amounts etc.  and glad I did since the amounts are totally different from last year.

95k in points gets you $210 – extra $40

50k in points gets you $105 – extra $20

38k in points gets you $70 – extra $10

It’s this weekend, Dec 1st and 2nd and check here for more info.  So, who’s going to redeem this weekend? And what are you planning on getting?

2 Replies to “Shopper’s Drugmart Holiday Redemption

  1. I’m unhappy with the amount this year! With that said still thankful for the program and the extra amount just before the holidays. I will be cashing in 95K points to be used towards food items, chocolates, stocking stuffers and maybe a few little gifts if they have. I wonder if they are going to have a bigger redemption one later???

    • Feel the same way. Happy to have it, but a little sad not as much as last time. I’m getting similar stuff too – who knows for the next promo though?

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