Shopper’s Drugmart Coupon

20 Nov

For those of you who were close to the next level and want to redeem on Dec. 3rd (if it happens) Shopper’s is having spend $75 get 15000 points on Nov. 23rd. You need to have the coupon for it – good way to top off your points if you’re getting close.

What kind of fun things have you guys seen at your Shoppers? So many toys and gifts out, nice Starbucks baskets, rocking horses, all kinds of leapfrog toys, snuggie type blankets for kids, lalaloopsy dolls, all kinds of cars sets, karaoke machines.

What store do you think has the best stock for xmas gift ideas?

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  1. I’ve only got enough points to get $30 off my purchase – does that work on the double redeem days? so I would get up to $60 off? or do you have to have a certain amount?

      • I heard on another forum that they were also having the 30,000 point level redemption too!! Someone posted a picture of the postcard that SDM sent out with the 30,000 level on it =$60.00, as well as the 50,000 and 95,000 levels. 🙂

  2. I’ve been in a few different SDM’s this last week and they both seem pretty well stocked with all the gift items. Still deciding whether to brave a midnight shop (last 20x event was long didn’t get home until 2:30am! registers were down and long lines because of it) or to go to my neighbourhood SDM when they open in the morning.
    I have my list made (as the SDM redemption flyer has already been posted on another forum!!!!!!) Hope you can find it so you can make your lists.
    I am planning on 2-250 redemptions and 1-$125 if all goes well. This is also my first Mega redemption with lots of points so I am excited that I get to redeem for this much.

    • So much excitement over this mega redemption – and there’s tons of us who have been saving our points – by saturday afternoon I think the shelves will be cleared at most stores! 🙂

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