Shopper’s Drugmart bonus points

17 Sep

Today is the last day for the crazy deal on the chocolate bars at shopper’s – it was a sunday/monday deal and you get 8000 points when you buy 4. The bars today are 2 for 3$ – so for $6 you get 10$ worth of points! Great if you can find them, and remember you can only do this promo once this week.

If you’re unable to find the chocolate bars there’s also a lot of other products that are participating, like Tassimo coffee, certain 3 packs of gum etc.  You can find the list on the shopper’s site – if you did it last week you’re good to go again – the limit of one time only started last friday. I bought a few packs of tassimo and gum, and spent $20 and got my $10 in points….which are always worth more at xmas! 🙂

Who scored big with this promo? And if you’re wondering why there’s a limit now, check your local kijiji for chocolate bars!!! People cross Canada went nuts for the chocolate bars and bought them by the hundreds – mega, mega optimum points for that. Not sure why stores do promotions like this, and then change the rules…did they think no one would do this? When there’s a money maker in the flyer, most serious couponers will head out for that. I’m guessing a lot of people will be handing those out for Halloween too.

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