Shopper’s Drugmart bonus points event

4 Mar

Shopper’s Drugmart is having a lot of these “secret” 20x the points events this year – way more than any other year in the past. This one is for Wednesday March 6th – print out this coupon and get 20x when you spend over $50.

Great idea if you had a large purchase to make – you usually get 1/4 to 1/3 of your $$$ back in points – especially when you cash them in on a Mega Rewards weekend when the points are worth a lot more. They usually have a big one in December – worth saving up your points and cashing in big for holiday items and gifts etc.

Do you cash in your Optimum points during the year, or save them for the big redemptions?

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  1. I recall running into you at my first Mega Redemption 2 years ago 🙂 I had saved my points all year to see how many I could get… I ended up doing 1000$ worth of free goods. Last year, I redeemed twice during the year, and still had more then 3 redemptions for the Christmas season. While it’s great to know I can get free stocking stuffers and special ‘treats’ for myself during the most expensive season, this year I’m not going to save my points. My past theory of paying money for things I NEED, redeem for things as a TREAT is going out the window and i’m going to stock up on everyday essentials and food when there is a good deal on it. I’ve redeemed for a laptop, wii, PS3, hair straightner, curling iron, Iphone docking station, alarm clock, the 50 Shades series, misc video games and kids toys… I’m running out of ‘treats’! I’d rather save $ in my wallet.

    For anyone that doesn’t do SDM Optimum, it is SO EASY! I only shop there maybe twice a month, and only on x20 points days. My list for this Wed is as follows:
    Eggs 2 X 2.29 = 4.58
    McCain Pizza 2 x 3.99 = 6.58
    Sour Cream – 2.49
    ID Cream 2 X 3.99
    Salad Dressing – 2.49
    Pudding – 2.99
    4 jugs of milk 4 x 4.69 = 18.76
    Kinder Eggs 4 x .99 = 3.96
    Cottage Cheese – 2.99

    Grand Total OOP 52.82 before coupons. Thats over 10000 points! At the lowest level, 8000 points = 10$ (One dollar is 800 points)
    Highest level, 95000 points = 170$ (One dollar is only 558 points)
    Mega Redemption (about once every 3 months), 95000 = 200$ (1$ = 475)

    Do the math… 10000 is worth over 21$ on a Mega Redemption day!

    Who doesn’t want 21$ back for buying the everyday groceries listed above? The prices are comparable or even cheaper then you would pay at any other grocery store! While I’m not planning on hoarding my points until Dec, I will only cash out at the highest level.

    Nadine, THANK YOU for getting me hooked! I LOVE SDM!

    • I totally remember that day too – there were no shopping carts left for the redemption and I was with my grandma so I approached every person to try to get their cart when they were done! 🙂
      You’ve become a total optimum point pro – it’s amazing! It is totally addictive, and the rewards are crazy! I love knowing every year that a lot of our gifts etc. are all covered for free, and I don’t have to only shop there or anything like that either.
      I like how you’ve explained it too – super helpful Mel!

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