Shopper’s Drugmart 20x day

7 Dec

This Saturday dec. 8th Shopper’s Drugmart is having 20x the points – maybe you just used up all your points at last week’s redemption, or are trying to get some more for boxing day etc? 🙂

Some great deals in the flyer – The nintendo DSi is $80 again – and with the 20x that means you get back about $20 in points just on that purchase 🙂  Always a good time to stock up on formula, diapers etc. if you use those, the 20x means you get back 1/4 of your total in points…and on mega redemption days those points are worth a lot more.

If you spend $10 or more on Arm & hammer products you earn an extra 1000 points too – laundry soap is 4.99 – lots of coupons out for that!

Dr. Oetker pizzas are $4, sugar is $2 for 2kg – lots of great food deals.

If you’re new to the Optimum points program and have questions, feel free to post them up.

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