Shopper’s Bonus Redemption weekend

1 Dec

This weekend at Shopper’s Drugmart it’s bonus redemption time – which means that your points are worth a lot more! Here’s the breakdown:

30,000 points = $60 (bonus $20)

50,000 points = $125 (bonus $40)

95,000 points = $250 (bonus $80)

If you’re new to Shopper’s and need some help post up your questions. Check your balances online or on the phone if you’re unsure of how many you have. Also, I posted this tip on facebook, but it’s a good one so I’ll share it again – if you have older parents or grandparents and they have a card do them a big favour and check their balance. My grandma thought she didn’t have any points and ends up she had almost enough for 2 large redemptions. The points for prescriptions get added automatically I think, she wasn’t swiping her card or getting a receipt with the amount so it was quite the surprise. And who can’t use that much free stuff at xmas? 🙂  Great for gifts, decorations, chocolates for guests or visits….or just regular groceries too! 🙂 It takes 1 minute to check – kind of made me sad knowing there’s tons of seniors who have all these points on their cards and have no idea – but I’m guessing they’d be scared if I went door to door to tell them about it! 😉

So, check your cards – and if you have enough for a redemption make a list, be prepared, it’s a weekend of madness and a lot of people have been saving them all year so there’s going to be a lot of us out there. If you have tons of points or are planning on doing more smaller ones remember that it’s 2 redemptions per card per day.

10 Replies to “Shopper’s Bonus Redemption weekend

  1. As a senior I did better shopping today for a Wii. Received 20% off regular price and only got regular Wii accessories. I used my $170 worth of point. Because the items were less I paid less tax and rec’d $24. in free stamps. The Wii only cost me $14.40 in taxes. Now I don’t have to worry about not getting it on Sat and the crowds that will be in shoppers.

    • How old do you have to be to be a “senior” at shoppers? That’s a great deal June, forgot about their seniors discount. How did you get free stamps?

    • Good to know! I thought it was 65, I’ll have to tell my mom since she does qualify and is seeing the real value of shopping there

  2. This will be my first redemption for 50,000pts as I just started paying attention! I couldn’t believe how quickly they added up. Not sure what to get yet- will have to check the flyer.

    • no gift cards can be bought with your points – but you can buy a shoppers card before to pay your taxes with and earn a bit of points.

  3. Does anyone know how the 24-hr stores work on these bonus days? Does Saturday start at 12:01am on Saturday morning? Do the prices automatically drop as well?

    Thanks! 🙂

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