School fundraisers

5 Oct

It’s that time of year again – seems like everyone is selling something! 🙂

Know any fun ideas for fundraising? Post them up! Do you offer fundraising, know of something fun? What has worked well, or not in the past? Here’s a few good ones:

Mabel’s Labels is a great way to fundraise! Their labels are the best and it’s something people can always use more of.

Melanie is offering fundraising through Norwex – Here’s what she has to say about it – Sell certain products or packages (examples: sportzyme for your hockey team, or an offering of several packages for your school fundraiser) or sell anything from the catalogue.  I will give you 20% of all sales plus $25 for each party booking (after the party has taken place).  Fundraising is flexible. Contact me to design your perfect fundraiser with Norwex. Contact her at [email protected] for more info.

Botanical Paperworks has fundraising too! It’s a green one too, handmade plantable paper. You can do xmas cards, calendars, notepads etc.  I think it’s a really neat idea – I’d love to plant my xmas cards when I’m done with them! 🙂 Check out their site for more info

One of my favourite game companies Gamewright has started doing fundraising, but so far only in the states. Maybe if we all contact them they will offer it here? 😉 It’s a neat idea, the school hosts a family game night, you get to try out and play all the games and then buy the ones you want and the school gets a chunk of the profits. We LOVE their games, I know this would be a night I’d love and I’d be buying all my xmas gifts! Contact them at [email protected] and let them know Canada loves that idea.

9 Replies to “School fundraisers

  1. I’m an Epicure Consultant and have some great Christmas fundraising opportunities available! Very similar to Norwex in that 20% of all sales goes to the organization! Together we can come up with the perfect fundraiser for your group! for more info on the product or email me [email protected] with any questions!

    Thanks! Elizabeth Lutz

  2. I read in the Steinbach Carillon a few weeks ago, that they want to get rid of chocolate fundraisers and bring in vegetable fundraisers instead.
    I’m curious as to how well it will go over.
    I think it’s a great idea! a much healthier option instead of selling junk food.

  3. We’re selling magazines. I bought Mabel’s Labels and Show and Save from my nieces already. The labels are great, but really pricey, especially if you have 2 or more kids to buy for.

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